The Brothers Scott: James Lafferty reveals what Nathan could become in a spin-off

The Brothers Scott: James Lafferty reveals what Nathan could become in a spin-off

Like most cult series of the 2000s, The Scott Brothers is constantly plagued by rumors about a possible sequel. There have also been rumors about a reboot, spin-offs … In any case, if there were to be one, James Lafferty has already imagined what Nathan would become.

12 years after the end of the series, soon a spin-off for Les Frères Scott?

Many of the actors of the series have mentioned their desire to participate in the great return of the series The Scott brothers. In 2015, Shantel VanSanten, aka Quinn, evoked the idea of ​​a “spin-off on children”, or even a film. In 2017, at a fan convention in Paris, James Laferty, alias Nathan, had confided “If I am asked to sign for a new season, you will not see me say no”.

Words that the actor was already making in 2016, questioned by entertainment tonight “I don’t know if there’s a version of The Brothers Scott without Mark Schwahn (the creator). So I think the book starts and ends with him. But I would say if Mark picks up the phone and calls for me say, ‘Do you want to do something?’ So I would always lend an ear to him, that’s for sure.” Of course, these statements were made before the creator and producer of the series was accused of sexual harassment by screenwriter Audrey Wauchope, supported by the actresses Sophie Bush, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz and Torrey De Vitto in an open letter.

Nathan could become like his father Dan in the Scott Brothers

In any case, if a continuation of the cult series were to see the light of day, we are almost sure that it will not be directed by Mark Schawhn, and that’s good. Chad Michael Murraythe one who played Lucas in The Scott brothershas also revealed to Télé-Loisirs in 2021 that he was thinking strongly of writing this sequel. Maybe he could include what James Lafferty imagined for the character of Nathan.

“Nathan went back to basketball and he’s an NBA coach. Jamie, I think, is on his way to the NBA to follow in his dad’s footsteps. As for Haley, she has an amazing music career. Together they would also have a lot other kids,” the actor told Entertainment Tonight. Don’t lose your balance reading what’s next, but James Laferty would even like his character to take a bit darker road, to look more like his father Dan.

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