“The burn was excruciating”: Salvatore Adamo reveals how he lost his voice

“The burn was excruciating”: Salvatore Adamo reveals how he lost his voice

Salvatore Adamo remained speechless for several weeks. The singer has finally revealed the reason that kept him silent for weeks. No, he was not struck by an illness. This is a surprising misadventure.

Salvatore Adamo caused many scares to his audience. On January 9, The Parisian revealed that the 79-year-old singer had a serious voice problem. Salvatore Adamo suffers from a hematoma on a vocal cord causing temporary aphonia. So he can’t sing“, announced the daily, while the interpreter of The snow falls began rehabilitation and had to cancel his concert which was scheduled for January 20in Spain. A blow for the artist who had vocal cord surgery in 2019. This time, no intervention for Salvatore Adamo who was compelled to be patient before you can make sounds. But all’s well that ends well, he found his voice. He even revealed in the columns of Evening Mag why he had found himself voiceless overnight. And the reason is unexpected!

Salvatore Adamo voiceless after a surprising misadventure

The singer explained that he lost his voice due to a “somewhat absurd story” Occurring in the month of October. “A few weeks ago I was in Santiago de Chile for a concerthe confided. My sister and I were walking down the biggest avenue in town and we came across demonstrators. Suddenly, I saw coming over us like a cloud. I didn’t know it but it was tear gas. I had never breathed one before and I must say that, at the time, the burn was excruciating“. Salvatore Adamo was not panicked, however, since “pretty quickly, the effect faded“. Reassured, he then did not think about the consequences on his voice. “I thought ‘more fear than harm’, and gave the planned concert. I should have abstained. I didn’t know how much my vocal cords had been tested by the attack. The conjunction of these two factors, the gas and the vocal delivery, made me completely voiceless for several weeks !“, he explained.

If he still has to spare himself, Salvatore Adamo assures thathe will “much better. On February 10, the singer will even be in concert in Istanbul. Until then, he will certainly be very careful not to come across a procession of demonstrators during his walks. We won’t take it twice!

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