The case of PPDA: “It happened to me that I devirginized one or two virgins”, the words of the hero of his books come out again

The case of PPDA: “It happened to me that I devirginized one or two virgins”, the words of the hero of his books come out again

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, a journalist, is the target of thirty complaints of sexual assault and rape. While rumors of the PPDA affair continue, Les Inrocks have delved into the books of the former star TF1 host.

Warning: some parts may offend your sensitivities.

– We read his books and were speechless. in full PPDA case, The Inrocks they made it their mission to delve into the novels of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor “to see what vision of women and the relationship between men and women they have conveyed over the decades,” they say. And what appears today may seem instructive.

Kulturni magazin started reading the stories of the former star of TF1, because twenty women accuse him of harassment and sexual violence. Indeed, before presenting the 8pm news from 1987 to 2008, PPDA was a writer. Some of his books were, as noted by our colleagues, real bestsellers, with more than a million copies sold.

I wanted to make love to that neck, penetrate it, cum at the root of that M-shaped hair.

IN Children of the dawnhis first his first novel published in 1982, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor stages his hero Tristan, who speaks in the first person and forces his beloved Camille to have sex while she sleeps, rejoicing that he is keeping the secret of this crime to himself. “Tenderly, very gently, I pushed myself into her. She didn’t wake up, but her hands were searching for something. (…) I released waves of love and mist into her and very gently pulled back. But tell me, Tristan, did that rape or burglary…”.

The Inrocks especially noted that PPDA regularly named its female characters “silly” or “idiot”. He also uses the word “spoil“, when he describes the object of his protagonist’s desire A transient heropublished in 1996.It was just desire, just sex raised towards its prey,” he writes.

What would delight the hero of his works are the “buttocks” of women, “responsible” for the excitement of a man described as “predator“.

Not a single woman in any PPDA novel rejects the advances of a male character.

If some wait a few lines before giving in, it’s rare indeed to see a female character fending off a male character’s sexual advances in journalism books, underline The Inrocks.

“Virgins are an obsession of PPDA”

The word “virgin” appears more than 20 times The women of my life. “Alive or dead, burned or married, my Jeanne, you will always remain a virgin, only for me,” he wrote, for example.

“When, for unclear reasons, I needed to take revenge on the fairer sex, I happened, like Byron, to de-virginate a virgin or two just to mark them for life, just to plant my flag on virgin soiland, like him, as soon as I had conquered that new territory, I took my trophy and left it elsewhere, more out of self-disgust than amusement,” we read in Death of Don Juan.

Why didn’t you mention more than dubious thoughts about his daughters?
“How do you talk about your daughter’s lovers, how do you talk to them above all? How can you not imagine yourself in their place, in the same circumstances…”

— Temp (@Temp_wandering) November 10, 2022

Another “obsession” of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor: gynecologists. One of his characters, who therefore embodies the role of a gynecologist, admits, for example: “I want her.” It’s hard for me to forget the office and this so far unfulfilled fantasyI (…) If it happens to me often enough, I admit, that I flirt with my clients, I never take advantage of that situation. (…) Aesthetically, more than ethically, I am horrified by this cabinet as a place of love.”

“When I auscultate, my gloved hand explores the depths. That day it is not innocent. It ensures the dominance I exercise over this body, cold, clinical, under the unassailable cover of science,” he continues in these lines. .

“Nausea guaranteed”. Reactions did not wait long on Twitter…

On Twitter, the Elodie Jauneau story reveals excerpts from the PPDA book.

On Twitter, the Elodie Jauneau story reveals excerpts from the PPDA book.
SCREEN CAPTURE – @ElodieJauneau

Florence Porcel, the first woman to bring charges against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor in 2021, also thanks the journalists for this work.

Thank you very much for doing this work.

— Florence Porcel (@FlorencePorcel) November 10, 2022

The analysis of these articles is not intended to “convince PPDA’s guilt”, it is justified Inrocks, but rather to bear witness to a time when the concept of “rape culture” seemed vague, even absent.

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