the cast of the new season is becoming clearer

the cast of the new season is becoming clearer

Not long ago, the first list revealing the participants in the new Apprentis Aventuriers season was finally unveiled by bloggers, and the least we can say is that Internet users can’t wait! We show you!

Jessica and Thibault, winners of the Apprentis Aventuriers

Les Apprentis Aventuriers is a very special adventure for reality TV candidates. The latter who are used to living in luxury villas all over the world will once again find themselves face to face in a merciless competition. And this year, the list of candidates has something to delight fans of the program. As a reminder, the previous year, it was an emblematic couple of French reality TV who won the victory against several pairs, including Paga and Giuseppa, or even Simon and Adixia, Virginie and Nicolo and even Marwa and Keleigh.

And besides, the adventure did not go as everyone wanted, and several candidates were the target of criticism after the broadcast. As a reminder, the Apprentis Aventuriers program is not easy for candidates who have to learn how to survive in the middle of a desert island. And that’s no mean feat when you’re used to traveling to the finest hotels. And it is not Jessica and Thibault who will say the opposite.

At the end of their adventure, the couple spoke about major difficulties on set.For both of us, it was hard. Normally, we are together all the time, we do everything together. » Explains Thibault.

The list of candidates for the Apprentis Aventuriers has finally been revealed

Jessica (who shocked the Web by revealing intimate details in his new book) adds: And at the same time, during the adventure, we only thought about eating. Your brain is only busy finding food. And then we knew that the children were with my parents, so we were able to live the adventure serenely. » But despite the separation, for the couple the hardest thing was to resist hunger. ” You come to remember all the leftovers you have wasted in the past. Do you remember that restaurant where you left a spring roll on your plate, you go crazy, you dream of a burger and everything… It is a disaster ! We imagined a rooster running on the beach…” she explains.

Before adding: It really consolidated our couple. When we have problems, we realize that we get along too well. During the adventure, we got along too well, it was my Robinson… Says Jessica. And Thibault to add: We were always together, inseparable. We talked for hours, it was cool. And personally, we are happy to have experienced something like that. »

And recently, the brand new list for this season was finally unveiled by blogger @navid_cherche. And this year, we will have the opportunity to find several emblematic couples of French reality TV. To the delight of Internet users, this year, we will find on our screen several highly anticipated pairs. In story, the @navid_cherche account reveals: “List of apprentice adventurers. 1) Fanny and Jessica 2) Vivi and Nicolo 3) Laura and Nikola 5) Mélanie ORL and Vivian 6) Mélanie Dedigama and Julien Bert. » However, this list should be taken with a grain of salt because the production has still not revealed the official list of participants.

the cast of the new season is becoming clearer

Les Apprentis Aventuriers: the filming of the new season is over and, inevitably, Internet users are eager to find out the winning duo. We have it… Spoil alert!

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