the chilling testimony of Bernadette, 72, humiliated and raped by home helpers (VIDEO)

the chilling testimony of Bernadette, 72, humiliated and raped by home helpers (VIDEO)

This Sunday, January 29, Restricted zone presented by Ophelie Meunier offers an unpublished report devoted to the care of the elderly. In this new issue entitled How do we take care of our elders? Addiction scandals and challenges, journalists return to abuse scandals in nursing homes, but not only. Indeed, viewers will discover the tragic story of Christine, a carer who died at work due to overworkbut also that of Bernadette, an elderly woman who suffered unbearable violence from several home helpers. Testimonials that will surely shock the public.

The humiliations, we are no longer considered at all.

Bernadette, 72, called 39 77, the national number dedicated to combating abuse of the elderly and adults with disabilities. She lost her autonomy six years ago, and says she suffered abuse from home helpers. The elderly lady also particularly remembers a carer. “She stood in front of me, hands on her hips, watching me relieve myself. It is the horror ! And I dared not say anything. And one day, I ended up getting angry, I told him ‘Get out!‘, she continued. She was there, and I was on my toilet, grotesque“, she tells the journalist. “It’s really… The humiliations, we are no longer considered at all.

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Who will believe me?”, laments Bernadette

And that’s unfortunately not all. Indeed, Bernadette confides during the report to have suffered violence of a sexual nature. “There was another, who made me my toilet, and she got me a finger in sex, and she had fun scratching me with her index finger. She was having fun”, she explains. “You don’t have to put your hand in someone’s sex, what.“The journalist then points out to her that it is a rape, but the old lady replies sadly, “Yes, but how are you going to prove it? Who will believe me? Everyone will say ‘No, it’s not possible, a professional…’“These events deeply traumatized Bernadette, who decided not to ask for help to wash herself despite her difficult condition. “Home helpers, I don’t ask them anymore, I’m too scared. So, it happens to me regularly not to be washed for 15 days in a row, without shampoo, without shower. What is needed is to testify, for everyone to testify, but people don’t dare. They are afraid, I understand them”, she concludes. A totally moving and shocking testimony that sounds the alarm about the condition and the care given to the elderly.

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