The City is ready to invest $7 million for its first covered outdoor skating rink

The City is ready to invest $7 million for its first covered outdoor skating rink

One of the calls for tenders aims to create a feasibility study to find a first place of construction. The Duberger (Les Rivières), Bon-Pasteur, Saint-Viateur and Saint-Pierre (Charlesbourg) and Jean-Guyon (Beauport) parks will be studied.

The City is targeting December to find a company that must have completed the feasibility study by April 2023.

The administration is also targeting 2023 for the start of plans and specifications. The target bid cost for all the work, for each site, is between $6 and $7 million, all taxes included, depending on the complexity of the site. This amount includes design contingencies, as well as general costs, administration costs, site organization costs and profits.can we read in one of the calls for tenders.

The skating rink will have to respect certain conditions, including that of offering a versatile 4-season destination. The structure will have to integrate well into its environment and ensure architectural quality in the image of the City of Quebec. She should also have an optimal geographical position and promote a period of increased usein addition to being accessible to all.

Ultimately, the City wishes to set up this type of skating rink in all the boroughs of Québec.

No date has been set for the commissioning of the first covered and refrigerated ice rink.

North American standards

It will have to be quality skating rinks, specifies the City of Quebec in one of its calls for tenders.

The rinks must meet the criteria for North American rinks, i.e. an area of ​​25.9 m wide by 60.96 m long.

The bands must be equipped with bay windows and equipped with nets.

A parking lot with around 50 spaces will also have to be set up. Finally, a room allowing 70 skaters to be seated at the same time will also have to be built.

The structure that includes the ice rink must be made of wood and steel and have no intermediate column. It should cover an area of ​​35 m by 70 m.

The mayor believes it

Questioned on the subject, Mayor Bruno Marchand assures that the project will go ahead.

Remember that the initial price of an indoor skating rink was set at $4 million during the last election campaign by the former leader of Quebec 21, Jean-François Gosselin. The party intended to create 6 of them.

The covered ice rinks, we believe in it. The pace of deployment will be adapted to what it costs. We will go ahead. Now the number will be influenced by what it costsaid Mayor Marchand on Thursday.

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