the comedian puts an end to a persistent rumor concerning him

the comedian puts an end to a persistent rumor concerning him

Enola Holmes 2 was recently released on Netflix. The opportunity to find Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill in the main roles. Faced with a persistent rumor about him, the interpreter of Sherlock has made things clear.

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Unveiled in 2020 on the catalog of the streaming platform, Enola Holmes caused a stir among Netflix subscribers. It must be said that fans of Millie Bobby Brown were curious to discover the star of stranger things in another register, with almost as much suspense, but less fantasy. Since November 4, she’s back as an outstanding investigator on Netflix! In this sequel, the heroine, for which Millie Bobby Brown received an impressive salary to reprise his roleopens his own agency to follow in the footsteps of his brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill). Unfortunately, she struggles to make a name for herself and attract customers. Many find it hard to believe that a woman, especially of her young age, can be a private detective. Especially since they prefer to address his famous brother Sherlock, embodied by Henry Cavill. If, of course, Enola manages to upset the established order and to find its place in this environment of men, many subscribers still dream of find Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill) in a solo film. Especially since that is what suggested the post-credits scene of this second film.

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Henry Cavill says no to a solo Sherlock Holmes movie on Netflix

Interviewed by The Wrap site, Henry Cavill was asked about the persistent fan rumor that he would reprise his role as a detective for a solo film. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be on the program: “This universe is really Enola’s, so she will always be involved,” he replied. However, we imagine that he would not say no if he were brought to jto work alongside Millie Bobby Brown again : “I loved being in Baker Street immensely. The work the production team did there was amazing. It was such a beautifully designed, beautiful set. I didn’t like leaving that setting. I love just sit in it and enjoy feeling like Sherlock as much as possible.”

A third movie Enola Holmes in preparation on Netflix?

Regarding the preparation of a potential third part, the interpreter of Superman, who just left the show the witcher, was more optimistic and teasing: “There are always whispers about this stuff, but nothing is ever official until you start the first day of shooting, and even until you’re done shooting and the movie comes out…” For her part, Millie Bobby Brown had explained that the filming of the second part, inspired by a true story, had been “the most important moment of his career”. Given the excellent audiences and the enthusiasm of the main actors, it’s a safe bet that Enola and Sherlock will return for new adventures!

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