The Coubon choir is recruiting

The Coubon choir is recruiting

Coubon’s choir, Coubon Uni’son, has just resumed rehearsal to rediscover the pleasure of singing after all these months of inactivity linked to the health situation. And intends to expand its ranks.

Choirmaster Anthony Herrantz set the outlook based on the number of choristers. Initially, it offers two desks which can evolve into a third if the workforce expands. This is why the choir is recruiting.

Sing and socialize

“Do you hum in the shower, do you listen to “don’t forget the lyrics”? Come and have fun and try the experience of singing in a friendly group and join the choir: Coubon Uni’son. If you don’t want to stay in front of your TV, if you want to build a social bond, if you want to get out of this Covid spiral, if you simply like to sing, don’t hesitate!”

A resolutely eclectic repertoire

“You will find in our eclectic repertoire of French song, gospel, classical, traditional… We welcome you from 13 years old and without age limit, no musical knowledge is required, and singing is the best way to easier to make music, without knowing anything about technique.”

Practical information

Rehearsals take place on Thursday evenings from 8:15 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. at the Maison des associations de Coubon.

For all information: Anthony, the choir director on 06 25 78 41 03 or Pascal on 06 26 38 49 12.

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