the crazy story of his son born under X found 20 years later

the crazy story of his son born under X found 20 years later

Incredible but true Soprano finds his lost child when he was 16!

Soprano had already entrusted him, he does not know his first child born under X when he was only 16 years old. Psy 4 member De Le Rime has just revealed for the first time that he finally found him a few weeks ago.

Invited for a live on the channel Tic of Samuel Etienne for the promotion of the reissue of his latest album “Multiverse Edition” released on November 25, 2022 with 8 new titles including the singles “3615 Bonheur” and “Money” with two guests P3GASE and Clément Albertini, Soprano confided in his private life. “It’s the first time I’ve spoken about it. No one knows” began to describe the singer on this anecdote of his son born when he was still a teenager.

I was with a girl, she placed the child in the DDASS without telling me. He was born under X had already declared Soprano in an interview on TF1 in the program Sept à Huit in August 2021, explaining that he wanted to find this child one day. “I don’t know if he’s alive, if he’s healthy. It’s complicated… I can’t even talk about it” he said at the time. In his interview with Samuel Étienne, the Marseillais artist revealed that he had recently managed to regain contact with the child and this more than 20 years after his birth.

Now 43 years old father of three children, Soprano now wants to take full advantage of the reunion with his son. I found it 2 months ago. It’s incredible he says without hiding his happiness before adding, “He is kind, intelligent, tall, funny. When I say this year is the best of my life. I was waiting for everything to go well around him so that he could be calm, so that the whole family would be informed”.

In reality it is not Soprano who found his child but it is the latter thanks to his notoriety and his remarks in interviews. “Through all my songs and my interviews. Well, I made them on purpose. I couldn’t do otherwise. And it worked. That’s wonderful. It’s a crazy thing”he then concluded by admitting that we must never lose hope.

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