the cult saga will return with a new film

the cult saga will return with a new film

A new movie American pie is in preparation and it is written by Sujata Day, director and lead actress of definition please.

You don’t know it yet, but somewhere, in an office, your favorite movie franchise is getting a reboot, sequel or spin-off. It may not happen for tomorrow or the day after, but all our ghosts of the past, pleasant memories which are there in peace (whether good or bad for that matter) are undoubtedly all listed on a pile of projects, within reach of a producer lacking in inspiration. It will be each his turn and today is that ofAmerican pie.

23 years after the first American piedirected by Paul Weitz and written by Adam Herz, the throwback comedy series looks set to land againlike so many other 90s franchises brought back to life before it. The saga has so far four main films (the last released in 2012) and five spin-offs (the last released in 2020 and you probably haven’t heard of it). It would thus be on a new base that a brand new project would soon see the light of day, according to exclusive information from The Hollywood Reporter.

Tara Reid, full of joy before her career was swallowed by Sharknado

This new film should adapt an original story and approach to the license proposed by actress, director and screenwriter Sujata Day. This one has not yet been talked about behind the camera, but it is all the same at the origin of the recent definition please which she wrote, directed and in which she played the lead role. The film notably received the Jury Prize for Best Screenplay at the San Francisco CAAM Fest.

The pitch suggested by Sujata Day for this new project ofAmerican piegiven to Universal 1440 Entertainment, would be a “fresher” take on the franchise and therefore likely a more modern makeover of the older films’ formula. Whether in terms of the stakes or the writing of the characters, many things should change, in addition to a new cast and therefore a new group of friends. Very enthusiastic, Sujata Day reacted to the announcement of her involvement in the film:

I love gritty comedies and American Pie is one of my [comédies] favourites! I’m so happy to be working on this film.”

As a fan, she promises, American pie should remain schoolboyish and faithful to its original spirit. Before getting carried away, however, we will have to wait more, because we do not know much more. Impossible to say if some members of the old team will return – even in the form of a cameo – in this sequel or if it will have a link with the events of the other films.

No director has also been named yet. (although with his experience, Sujata Day might just get that cap, too) and no release window was given either. No doubt, however, we will have more information in the coming times.

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