The dissolution of Salto on the agenda of a meeting at France Télévisions on Friday

The dissolution of Salto on the agenda of a meeting at France Télévisions on Friday

TF1 and M6 have already indicated that they wish to leave the capital of the platform, held equally by three audiovisual groups.

The dissolution and cessation of Salto’s activities are on the agenda of an extraordinary central social and economic committee (CSE) scheduled for Friday at France Télévisions, we learned on Monday from concordant sources, confirming information from the site puremedias . The future of the platform, launched in October 2020 by TF1, M6 and France Télévisions, will thus be discussed, without it being known at this stage whether this signals its future disappearance. The tricolor competitor of Netflix and others must find a new shareholder base to survive, announced in November the boss of the public group, Delphine Ernotte. TF1 and M6 have already made it known that they wanted to leave the capital of Salto, held equally by the three audiovisual groups.

“If he finds a buyer tomorrow, I will have no problem leaving our content there”had for its part declared Delphine Ernotte, without specifying whether France Télé also wished to leave the capital of Salto. But according to the investigative site The Informedonly a Spanish company, Agile, is a candidate for taking over the platform as a whole. If this option fails, a dissolution of Salto “with transfer of assets (customer portfolio, technical platform, etc.) one by one” could be of interest to various actors, considers the informed. The platform, which planned to reach one million subscribers and employed 70 employees at the end of 2022, suffered from the cancellation of the marriage between TF1 and M6.

After the announcement in May 2021 of the project to bring the two channels together, France Télévisions had expressed its desire, in the event of the completion of the merger, to sell its stake in Salto. In March 2022, TF1 and M6 had undertaken to buy, in the event of union, the participation of the public group in the offer of video on demand, for an amount of 45 million euros. That is exactly the sum missing from France Télévisions to complete its 2023 budget and “totally absorb inflation”according to Delphine Ernotte. Contacted by AFP, Salto, France Télévisions, M6 and TF1 did not comment. In addition to its 70 employees, leap claimed at the end of 2022 around thirty in-house service providers, involving a total of 250 people.

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