the Duffer brothers will make you cry in the new season! – Tuxboard

the Duffer brothers will make you cry in the new season! – Tuxboard

The Stranger Things series is eagerly awaited. So the producers have many surprises in store for you for season 5 on Netflix!

The Duffer brothers had no shortage of ideas in season 4 of Stranger Things. So much so that viewers then consider it one of the best seasons of the series. Moreover, it has again broken records on Netflix. It is therefore no surprise that Netflix has therefore decided to renew the series for a final. In this article, here is what Netflix has in store for you for season 5!

Stranger Things: a season 4 that made everyone agree

Season 4 of Stranger Things was stunning. On the social network Twittermany internet users hail the incredible talent of the Duffer brothers. It must be said that both have everything given for the plot to be so relevant! With each episode of Stranger Things, the suspense was at its height! One thing is certain, the fans are really looking forward to discovering the rest of the episodes. The opportunity to see for the last time the band of Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

This finale of Stranger Things promises to be very gloomy since it is then the last! Eh yes ! So there won’t be a sequel, or even a spin-off. Each episode will therefore be of some inestimable value. HASduring thes Duffer brothers ne have no room for error after the incredible success of season 4. They have also announced heavy stuff with lots of twists, actions and emotion.

out of the question for thes Duffer brothers de give you a mediocre finish. They so work hard to surprise you:We therefore hope that you will stay with us. As we complete the story of a powerful girl named Eleven and her friends. But also of a broken police chief and a fierce mother, of a small town… We feel good about the ending. I’m not very anxious. But I feel like this ending is good. »

The Duffer Brothers will amaze you!

Matt Duffer said more about the rest of the series netflixwhich should return to simplicity: I don’t think the runtimes will be that crazy in Season 5. We’re trying to get back to the simplicity of the first season’s structure with greater scale and scope. Except for the finale for which I expect it to be quite massive”. They also want an emotional touch for Millie Bobby Brown. A drama that will forever be etched in the memory of fans.

According to Matt Duffer, the actors cried when they discovered the finale of Stranger Things. Director Shawn Levy and the actors had a hard time keep tissues in their pockets. “We made our producers cry, and I thought that was a good sign that they were crying. The only other times I saw them cry was during budget meetings”then ends Matt Duffer. The question arises, how will be organized the episodes of season 5. According to our colleagues from Vader, they could well be in two parts, as for season 4. It worked rather well. They could also be in 5 and 3.

Note that the filming has not yet started. The actors should come together during the year 2023 to embody their characters in the new season of Stranger Things. It will therefore be necessary to be patient, because the series should therefore not see the light of day before 2024 on netflix. In the meantime, you can therefore view the most striking moments of season 4.

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