The elimination of Stéphane, an information leak in the 12 strokes of noon, the date is revealed

The elimination of Stéphane, an information leak in the 12 strokes of noon, the date is revealed

The elimination of Stéphane, the fifth grand master of noon will be done soon, according to a very specific source. He is surely one of the greatest, most gifted and hated midday masters. However, according to leaked information, Stéphane will soon be saying goodbye to the set.

Stéphane, the fifth greatest midday master

During his first participation, no one, not even Jean-Luc Reichmann, expected him to go this far. He has just won his 129th victory and his earnings only increase. Stéphane is jubilant, for him it’s quite simply a daydream. Father of a family, for him it is quite simply a chance and an incredible opportunity.

Everyone wonders about the origin of such a torrent of general knowledge and Stéphane has decided to answer these questions. In reality, he draws all his knowledge through television. Especially since it is easy for him to retain information, Stéphane is a real nest of general knowledge.

Stéphane’s elimination

If his career seems laudatory, it is not unanimous. Internet users do not appreciate it very much and are unleashed on Twitter. The main reason would be Stéphane’s attitude. They would blame him for never greeting his competitors. Then there’s what netizens assume is patronage. They claim that Stéphane is asked too easy questions during the game.

If Stéphane does not respond to the haters on Twitter, he still continues his momentum by winning even more victory. The production is also targeted by the accusations of Internet users and seems to be in bad shape.

Soon the end for the favorite of the moment

The Star Hunter is a fervent fan of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show. He analyzes the show and dissects each situation. Alerted by the controversy caused by Stéphane on the web, he revealed that the latter will not last long.

Better, the Star Hunter revealed when and why Stéphane will be eliminated. According to the expert, he will leave the game between January 17 and 20. This will be done following a blow-by-blow session. Only this time, Stéphane will give the opportunity to his competitor to have the right answer.

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