The end of Stéphane’s adventure at 12 noon shots and his leaked departure date! – Tuxboard

The end of Stéphane’s adventure at 12 noon shots and his leaked departure date! – Tuxboard

Stéphane (the 12 noon shots) is criticized! Internet users accuse TF1 of favoring it to the detriment of other participants.

If Stéphane is a hit in the 12 noon shots, he is not unanimous on social networks. Internet users accuse TF1 of cheating and think that the prod is preparing easier questions for the candidate!

Stéphane in the sauce

In the 12 strokes of noonStephen is impressive. It has already been several months since he won all the victories on the show. He has been able to win since August 20th. He thus counts several stars on his screen. And his kitty amounts to 516,243 euros.

The Master of Noon is however less confident in reality. This is what he confided to Femme Actuelle: “I tell myself that it’s a great job that I do, but I also tell myself that I missed my life a little because if I had worked a little more at school… But I love my job , I love what I do, but maybe I could have avoided doing this job. »

But alas, Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) receives tons of criticism. Netizens lui send very negative messages. They also accuse the production of favoring it with easier questions than its competitors.

Indeed, after each broadcast, he receives hate on Twitter. Many are those who point the finger for his behavior towards his opponents. And for good reason ! He never greets them after their defeat. But he prefers to brag in front of the camera.

Jean-Luc Reichman came to his defense: It is easy to criticize behind your screen ! I invite those who do to try their luck. I will welcome them with happiness. Stéphane is not too social networks and so much the better. He deserves his place. Apart from filming, he works at night at the foundry. And he doesn’t take time off to do the show. It’s rare enough to report it! “.

A proud and happy man

Despite the criticism, Stéphane is a man happy. He told Current Woman that he’s worked hard to get to this point.

“You have to tell yourself that every day is a new challenge, to always go further and evolve in life. Not staying like me, I did, living on what I had learned and struggling a little throughout my life. Before entrusting Télé Loisirs: “It is a very great personal satisfaction. I never could have thought that I was going to reach such a level”.

Stéphane of the 12 noon shots surprises himself. He is very proud of his career: “I am surprised myself at the answers I can provide. Everyone tells me I’m an animal or a culture freak. I am both amazed, but proud and satisfied with my journey. I still hope to go as far as possible”. But it may well be that his adventure will end soon. »

Yes, but here you go, know that Stéphanhe will lose his place as grand champion. Eh yes ! He will therefore no longer be the one who has the answer to everything. He rightly added: “At ‘Blow by blow’, it went red. Who says red says duel. He chose a candidate who found the right answer”.

What does it matter! He still keeps his place in the top 5 champions of the 12 noon shots. He is behind Bruno, Eric and Christian Quesada.

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