The essential Christmas carols from the editorial staff of La Vie

The essential Christmas carols from the editorial staff of La Vie

Stéphanie, editor (education) – austrian christmas

I thought I knew everything about Christmas carols, until I discovered Austrian Christmas last year. Musically simple and joyful, by an unknown author, it has its little effect. It begins with an ostinato held by the men
“Ding, dong, dong…” and has four catchy verses, with a countermelody on the chorus that rises to the
FA, accessible to a mezzo-soprano voice. “Christmas bells ring in the valley. (…) On the way, shepherds, let’s prepare our flutials, let’s set off singing gay refrains. »

I listened to it over and over on Youtube, interpreted by the choir of Le Havre, whose tenors begin with a magnificent false note, but who cares: the grace passes! And the emotion seizes when we hear it taken up by the choir of the Notre-Dame de Jamhour college, in Lebanon, during a Christmas concert in 2016. A bit naive, this chiming song recalls the true joy of Christmas, which is not in the chocolate orgy nor the mountain of gifts that we will receive, but in the welcome of this newborn, who has come to give us the gift of his presence and to announce “new times”.

This year, a small family challenge: we teach it to five families and, from 2 to 71 years old, we will introduce it in the Provencal parish of my parents. It is also the magic of a Christmas carol to allow generations together to sing together.

Perrine, iconographer – Midnight Christians

“Midnight, Christians, is the solemn hour
Where the man God came down to us
To erase the original stain

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