the false note of a great cultural event

the false note of a great cultural event

Violence on Sola Dada, Communication Director of Afrima: the false note of a major cultural event

A false note at the 8th edition of Afrimas in Dakar, this cultural event that celebrates music and artists. Indeed, Sola Dada, little brother of the Director of Afrima, Mike Dada was the victim of violence exerted by certain elements of the gendarmerie.

The last evening of the Afrimas almost turned into a tragedy. On the sidelines of a colorful celebration with distinguished guests from Senegal and elsewhere, a regrettable incident tarnished this grand celebration.

“I experienced the Senegalese Teranga”, expressed Sola Dada with a sad smile on a swollen face. These kinds of cultural events are often interspersed with incidents, as was the case with KS Bloom at Blaise Diagne International Airport in Dakar a few months ago.

Regrettable incidents that tarnish the image of Senegal, which prides itself on being a hospitable country.

According to Afrima organizers, Sola Dada was close to death. ” It is a certain gendarme Mr. Guèye who is the brain of this blunder. He gave the order and he actively participated. Monsieur Dada was brutalized, handcuffed like a criminal, beaten until he bled. He was stuck on the ground like the late George Floyd in the United States. The victim’s glasses were smashed. She also walked away with a broken arm.

Victoria Nkong, the associate producer of Afrima did not hide her disappointment. “We could retain wonderful memories despite everything. But right now, all I remember is the image of Senegalese security agents beating up AFRIMA’s Communications Director until he broke his arm and his back,” she said.

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