“The fault 3” from Wednesday on Club illico: Isabel Richer deepens her character before saying goodbye

“The fault 3” from Wednesday on Club illico: Isabel Richer deepens her character before saying goodbye

After two winter seasons – one in Fermont and the other in Québec – Québec’s nordicity gives way to the majestic autumnal landscapes of Estrie in the third and final season of “The Fault”, in which viewers will discover why the Detective Sergeant Céline Trudeau, camped by Isabel Richer, is difficult to approach.

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It is that the policewoman has a heavy past, as we understand in the eight new episodes which are available from Wednesday on Club illico, the same day of the broadcast of the last episode of season 2 on the TVA antenna.

When she returns to her corner of the country, settling for a time with her uncle Léopold (Gilbert Sicotte), we quickly discover that Trudeau’s youth was not easy in his village of Applegrove where three families, the Jolicoeur, Morency and Collins, have nurtured a rivalry for generations.

Carried by the mountains, Lake Memphremagog and the multicolored colors of autumn – international viewers will swoon like us in front of so much beauty – this season allows Isabel Richer to deepen her character after the discovery of the skeleton of the great Trudeau’s mother, Marie-Thérèse Jolicoeur, under the roots of an apple tree. In 1953, the woman had gone for a walk and was never seen again. So why were his remains dug up and is it a coincidence that Trudeau is back in the area at the same time?

As she is too “close” to this investigation, it is her colleague Alexandre (Alexandre Landry) who takes matters into her own hands. “It’s very dizzying for her, because she’s really a control girl,” said Isabel Richer, who often plays leading women.

Anyway, Trudeau has a lot to do with all the secrets and mysteries that haunt her, after more than 30 years of absence in her village. In particular, she wants to solve the heinous murder of her cousin and best friend, Véronique, Leopold’s daughter.

“It’s a huge scar she bears, something that has never been resolved. That’s what drove her to become the investigator she is. It comes full circle, because we understand all of its flaws and shortcomings, I found it really rich to close the trilogy. There are so many secrets and things left unsaid that there are many leads,” said Isabel Richer, who completed her studies at the National Theater School of Canada in 1993, 30 years ago next year.

Trudeau also finds his childhood sweetheart Damien (Sébastien Ricard), who prowls around the Abbey and Abbé Sébastien (Raymond Cloutier).

The final season is produced by Pixcom, directed by Daniel Roby and written by Frédéric Ouellet. She also brings together on screen Dorothée Berryman, David Boutin, Jade Charbonneau, Patrick Drolet, Lynda Johnson, Maka Kotto, Didier Lucien, Debbie Lynch-White, Daniel Parent, Lise Roy, Marcel Sabourin and David Savard.

Would Isabel Richer one day want to play the role of her son, Henri Picard, whose father is Luc Picard? Yes, but not in the foreseeable future. “I let him build something that belongs to him. It is certain that when you are the child of two actors, you are always identified as the son of… At the moment, I let him go, but eventually it is sure that I would like to play with him. It was already offered to me and I refused to let him do his business,” she said.

We also find Isabel Richer in “Les meces 3”, whose episodes have just been added to ICI TOU.TV EXTRA, and she is currently filming in two new series – a comedy that we cannot talk about – and the drama “ Heart beating”, which is the sequel to “All life”. She is also finishing the shooting of Anik Jean’s first film, “Les hommes de ma vie”.

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