The FHF Fund delivers a new Hospi’Up guide that is valid “until purchase”

The FHF Fund delivers a new Hospi’Up guide that is valid “until purchase”

Let us remind you that the guide has the form a internet site with an explanatory part intended for beginners that describes the organization of the health system and the functioning of institutions, and another part intended for institutions that explains what newly established companies are and how they operate.

It also offers an “innovation database” where start-ups can find information and pitch their solutions to institutions. Institutions can register to present their needs and find companies that can meet them.

This “double entry” should enable health and medical-social institutions and newly established companies to establish cooperation, and the goal of the guide is to strengthen them and facilitate the implementation of innovative solutions in institutions.

“The Hospi’Up program is in the process of establishing itself as a reference on the topic of cooperation between healthcare institutions and innovative companies,” the fund welcomed in a press release.

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