The finalists for the Cécile-Gagnon Award have been announced

The finalists for the Cécile-Gagnon Award have been announced

Association of Quebec Writers for Young People (AEQJ), which oversees the Cécile-Gagnon Prize, has announced its three finalists, the romance component. Highlighting the next generation of children’s literature, the award is accompanied by a $1,000 scholarship review to Lurel.

So here they are:

Lemonade (t.1): Summer in Lac Saint-JeanLisa-Marie Gagnon (Hurtubise)
At the age of 16, Charlie despairs of his banal everyday life. The summer he works at a youth camp will make him see life differently!

Big Ninja (p.1): OriginAlexandre Gauthier (La Bagnole)
In order to stop being bullied, Francis decides to become a ninja, no less! It won’t be that easy because he will have to win and face a mysterious ninja.

Hurricane and me, Marie-Pierre Gazaille and Marie-Eve Turgeon (Quebec America)
Here’s what Nicolas Arseneault from Librairie de Verdun said: “A book filled with love and tenderness. This is the perfect book for exploring transgender identities with 8-9 year olds. It is a positive story treated with lightness that inevitably brings us back to friendship, love and the fact that we know before we judge. »

The winning book will be published on Saturday, November 26, at the Espace jeunesse du Montreal Book Fair.

Established in 1997, the Cécile-Gagnon prize is divided into two categories: the novel is awarded in even years and the album in odd years. Regardless of category, submitted books must be the author’s first work of fiction. Last year was an album ThomasMartine Arpin, who won the award.

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