The first book exchange was organized

The first book exchange was organized

Sennecay. THE FIRST BOOK EXCHANGE. The Commission for Associations and Cultural Life of the Municipality of Senneçay, which brings together elected officials as well as residents of the town, organized its first book exchange in the village hall on Sunday afternoon.

Intergenerational meetings

During the survey conducted by the new municipal team at the beginning of the mandate, it was shown that citizens want to see more cultural events, especially through books, but also historical events.

For this first exchange, people from neighboring villages, such as Lunery, took the opportunity to exchange books, even lending or donating them, but, regardless of the modus operandi, without any financial transaction in return.

In addition, the mayor of Senneçay, Irène Thibault, announced that one Wednesday a month “intergenerational meetings, especially through wooden games and books, will be held in the village hall”.


The books that are kept in the town hall, including those renovated by the bibliobus of the department’s media library, will be transported for these meetings, which will make the library more pleasant to use.

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