The first selection of the Goncourt prize is announced!

The first selection of the Goncourt prize is announced!

The ten members of the Académie Goncourt presented their first version of the prize, which includes fifteen novels. Preceded by a second and a third selection, on October 4 and 25, the announcement of the winner will be made on Thursday, November 3.

We cannot invite you enough to read the interview published in our pages about the most recent novel by Muriel Barbery, in the running for this prestigious selection. It’s here.

An hour of fervorMuriel Barbery (Actes Sud)

Lyour heart does not give inGregoire Bouillier (Flammarion)

The artificial linksNathan Devers (Albin Michel)

The Kremlin MageGiuliano d’Empoli (Gallimard)

something to tell youCarole Fives (Gallimard)

Beirut-sur-SeineSabyl Ghoussoub (Stock)

live fastBrigitte Giraud (Flammarion)

His favoriteSarah Jollien-Fardel (Sabine Wespieser)

Almost sistersCloé Korman (Threshold)

A human sumMakenzy Orcel (Shores)

TaorminaYves Ravey (Midnight)

The little liarPascale Robert-Diard (The Iconoclast)

The MediterraneanEmmanuel Ruben (Stock)

The clandestine lifeMonica Sabolo (Gallimard)

Our dear old lady authorAnne Serre (Mercury of France)

This 120e edition of the Goncourt prizes added a few regulations in order to avoid the scandal of last year. Recall that it was revealed that Camille Laurent had as a companion Francois Noudelmanna competing author. This same Camille Laurens, like others before her, also took the liberty of publishing a review about a book in the selection. In the future, it will be forbidden to criticize the books when they are in the running and the works of the spouses or relatives of the members of the jury will not be eligible.

While waiting for the rest, we wish each other beautiful readings, if?

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