The first Tarna Microlibrary will be in Castres

The first Tarna Microlibrary will be in Castres

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A new type of library will see the light of day in the city center thanks to the association Cerberus and the Champs du sud tea house.

The lucky winner of the competition for the Project Microbibli, the association Cerberus led by Pierre Clanet, which aims to organize, support and monitor cultural projects and events, joined forces with the Champs du Sud led by Yannick Tonon and Julien Sire to obtain the first Microbiblia du Tarn .

And it is close to the tarterie, on the site of the old Sens Uniques gallery, where Monique, a seamstress who is supposed to retire during the summer, now lives, this library will be installed in a new form in 2023. In order to give everyone access to books, Libraries Without Borders and the Cultura Foundation launched the Microbibli program, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Almayuda Foundation. The sponsor of the device is Augustin Trapenard. Every year, associations, cultural and social structures, merchants, but also citizens receive support in the creation and development of their Microbiblia: a lively place to promote books, culture and social connections in their area!

By winning the tender, Cerberus acquired a fund of about 1,200 books, and will use assistance for the development and management of this fund for two years.

Joining forces with Champs du Sud, proactive in the heart of the city for 7 years with their “Eat, Sew, Knit” association and Marché des Créateurs design, now managed by the city, was obvious to Pierre Clanet. It must be said that their collaboration does not date back to this competition. The adventure of Pan’Art in Boissezon where they met and which could not see the light of day is transformed to come and settle on a human level in the center of the city. The city center that our three companions help to energize. At the same time, the office of the Cerberus association, a library for everyone with on-site consultations and the expansion of the tea room – numerous workshops that make up the identity of the Champs du Sud will be held in this new place, the space will also be used for coworking and welcome associations that have difficulties in finding a place to gather. Pending its opening in the late summer of 2023, Microbibli will host the Champs du Sud.

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