The former Linkup member disappointed by Mr. Pokora, he atomizes him live!

The former Linkup member disappointed by Mr. Pokora, he atomizes him live!

Lionel Tim has a lot on his heart. The former member of Linkup did not appreciate the last statements of Mr. Humility in “Aside”. Since his sidekick chose to lead his own boat, the one who now works on C8 keeps a bitter feeling towards the singer. ” It’s complicated to live in the shadow of someone who is a hit “, he confided recently in our columns before adding: “ I was trying to do singles and I saw Matt doing 4x3s all over Paris. Fans came to see me giving me gifts for him… I was systematically brought back to that. »

Years after the boy band broke up, Lionel Tim is still very angry with his former friend. However, he would very much like the group to reform. There is little, he had also asked the companion of Christina Milian to invite him on stage… In vain. ” For the 20th anniversary tour, I already have a lot to stage. There are even songs that I have to sacrifice “, had explained the artist of 37 years. Invited on the Canal + program, Mr. Pokora gave a layer of it by declaring: “ Don’t be mistaken, that (the Linkups, editor’s note) represents nine months of my life, it’s very short. It’s an adventure that certainly counted, and got me started, after that these aren’t songs that I sang on my tours. These are not things that I would have done naturally. My star is not a title that I would have sung if I had had the choice at the time. I deny nothing, […] more I don’t like having my hand forced “.

“I don’t ask him for anything at all”

Words that set fire to the powder. This Wednesday, November 9, 2022, Lionel Tim therefore wished to respond to the interpreter of “Who we are”. ” Who forced his hand? No one forced his hand for 20 years. I’m not begging him for anything, I just said: it would be nice if we could wink. There is a difference. I saw the interview and I’m quite disappointed. When you say it was only 9 months of your life, it’s just the catapult of your life! If you don’t do the show, we don’t know you. If you don’t make the Notre Étoile album, no one knows you! You would have continued to do freestyles in Strasbourg! It was a springboard for all of us, except for Otis because it was a little more complicated “, he launched at the microphone of the Morning without filter on Virgin Radio. And to conclude: “JI was shocked ! He knew nothing about Paris […] He was like my little brother! I took him out to nightclubs! That’s why I’m a little disappointed “. Tensions are not going to subside anytime soon.


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