the hosts of the channel cannot participate in this famous show and it is not TPMP! – Tuxboard

the hosts of the channel cannot participate in this famous show and it is not TPMP! – Tuxboard

TF1 hosts are prohibited from participating in a certain program. On the other hand, it is not a question of TPMP!

This Saturday, January 7, Ninja Warrior fans witnessed the new season broadcast on TF1. For this year again, Iris Mittenaère, Christophe Beaugrand and Denis Brogniart were leading the show. The TF1 channel also banned all its hosts from participating in this famous show!

Christophe Beaugrand makes a startling revelation

For several years, Ninja Warrior followers have had the joy of seeing Iris Mittenaere, Christophe Beaugrand and Denis Brogniart on Saturday evenings on TF1. On occasion, animator of Secret Story made some confidences.

In an interview with Big heads by Laurent Ruquier, Christophe Beaugrand revealed that TF1 forbade hosts from participating in a famous show. As you might think, it’s not about TPMP.

As a reminder, Touche pas à mon poste and TF1 have been at war for many years. If things seemed to calm down a few months ago, the clashes have all the same resumed with a vengeance.

But this does not mean that TF1 prohibits its hosts from going to Cyril Hanouna’s show. In fact, the presenters cannot participate in Fort Boyard. Christophe Beaugrand explained the reason.

He explained that he had been offered the proposal in 2011. The dad then explained to Eric Dussart and Jade on RTL why the animators could no longer participate in Fort Boyard, a emission to success.

“TF1 does not want me to go back there”

The presenter from Ninja Warrior said: “TF1 does not want me to go back. They asked me not to go back there again. It’s a show that works very well as a bonus on France 2.

Before continuing: “I can understand that TF1 has no don’t want to send his faces to give strength to a program that is already doing pretty well on the channel opposite”. But that’s not all.

One thing is certain, TF1 does not really want its hosts to go to Fort Boyard. And for good reason, it is a program that has been attracting great audiences for many years.

However, Fort Boyard starts from a very good intention. It helps many associations. And this, with the help of personalities. If the animators of TF1 cannot participate, this does not prevent the program from being a hit.

During this interviewChristophe Beaugrand has also confided in the subject of the alleged return of Secret Story. As a reminder, he replaced Benjamin Castaldi at the presentation in 2015.

The return of Secret Story?

The TF1 presenter also revealed: “I don’t know if it will come back. And I don’t know if it would be me who would be at the animation. I think it is a format that must be treated well.

“And it is above all the casting that makes all the difference. Look at the cast of the return of Star Academy, we had well behaved young people, who spoke well and who had their personality ».

Subsequently, Christophe Beaugrand of TF1 announced: “Sometimes it was a fight. And sometimes they were touching. It was young people like there are plenty in today’s society.

He also confessed: “If we manage to do a casting that is not – as we say in our jargon, a reality TV casting – with only girls who have breasts like shells. And mouth like tires”.

“As well as guys who all have abs that nobody has in real life. Unless you exercise 24 hours a day. And that you don’t know how to align three words in French, that has no interest! ».

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