the influencer disfigured by wanting to inflate her lips – La Nouvelle Tribune

the influencer disfigured by wanting to inflate her lips – La Nouvelle Tribune

The reality TV star Marwa Merazza took to a post she made on social media to reveal what happened to her when she tried to get an injection to change the shape of her lips. The young woman who distinguished herself by her role in the show The 50 on W9 developed an allergic reaction after the operation. According to the explanations she gave in the video illustrated with photos of her, the objective of the operation was to return to the initial shape of her lips before the injection.

“I haven’t slept all night”

Only a few hours after the operation, the young woman says she no longer recognizes herself. I haven’t slept all night, I was too scared. The next day, I go to the emergency room. I learned that I was allergic to this product. My body couldn’t take it. I have always been allergic to wasps, to the sun…”she confided to her followers on Instagram. “When I was younger, I had had lip injections and I didn’t like it anymore (…) So I wanted to remove my injections because my bottom lip was not at all symmetrical to the top one”she also details.


She did not fail to point out that before the operation, she would have been warned of possible side effects. According to what he had been told, his lips might just swell. Also, initially, the change in the face after the operation did not worry him. Even if today, she is out of danger, the young woman confides that she came close to disaster. This release was warmly welcomed by some people who believe that it will have the merit of raising awareness.

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