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The Iranian who inspired the movie The Terminal dies at the airport

The Iranian who inspired the movie The Terminal dies at the airport

Merhan Karimi Nasseri died of a heart attack in the airport’s terminal 2F, according to an airport official who wished to remain anonymous. The police and a medical team tried to come to his aid, but were unable to save him.

Mr. Karimi Nasseri lived in terminal 1 of the airport from 1988 to 2006, first due to a legal imbroglio because he did not have a residence permit, then probably by choice.

During this period, he slept on a red plastic bench, befriended airport workers – who nicknamed him Lord Alfred – wrote in his diary and chatted with world travelers entire.

One day I’m going to leave the airport, but I’m still waiting for my papershe said in 1999 to theAssociated press.

A complicated journey

Mr. Karimi Nasseri is said to have been born in 1945 in an Iranian region then under British jurisdiction, to an Iranian father and a mother originally from the United Kingdom. He left Iran in 1974 to study in England. Back in his native country, he would have been arrested for having demonstrated against the Shah of Iran and would have been expelled without a passport, according to his statements.

He then applied for asylum in several European countries and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had issued him with a refugee certificate. However, he claimed to have had it stolen from a Parisian train station.

The French authorities tried to deport him, in vain since he had no papers. It was then that he found himself at Charles-de-Gaulle airport in the Paris region.

He didn’t want to leave the airport anymore

For years, legal entanglements and increasingly strict European immigration laws have forced Mr. Karimi Nasseri to stay at the airport. He stayed there so long that when he was finally accepted as a refugee, he expressed his great surprise and insecurity and refused to sign the papers. He remained at the airport and was hospitalized in 2006, and then lived in a refuge in Paris.

According to airport workers who had become his friends, all those years of living in a confined space at the airport had a big impact on his mental health.

He had returned to live in the airport for a few weeks.

His story had inspired the film The terminal starring Tom Hanks and the French film fallen from the sky by Philippe Lioret.

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