The Julien Lacroix affair at Everyone’s talking about it on Sunday

The Julien Lacroix affair at Everyone’s talking about it on Sunday

The folder ” The Julien Lacroix affair, two years later: Scars and regrets », appeared in The Press earlier this week, where women who denounced the comedian in an article in the To have to in July 2020 admit to questioning their public release, has aroused many reactions for two days.

It will be discussed again in more depth on Sunday, at Everybody talks about itwhile Guy A. Lepage will welcome to his table the columnists Isabelle Hachey, from The Pressand Marie-Eve Tremblay, of 98.5, who jointly conducted this follow-up investigation, as well as Geneviève Morin, the ex-girlfriend of Julien Lacroix, whose testimony had been central in the case.

On a lighter note, we will also talk about the film on Sunday December 23which is about to hit theaters on November 25 with its creator India Desjardins and its actresses Guylaine Tremblay and Bianca Gervais. Comedian Christine Morency, who is finally launching her much-awaited first one woman show, Gracewill also be there, as will the always inspired Boucar Diouf, who is also starting a new show, My name is Sage.

Radio-Canada journalists Simon Coutu and Monic Néron will present their documentary series Alpha_02: the Alexandre Cazes mysterywhere it is a question of the young “king of the dark canvas who died in Thailand in 2017. Danielle Héroux, Alexandre’s mother, will accompany them.

Finally, we will take stock of the evolution of the COVID virus with microbiologist-infectiologist Caroline Quach, as well as Dr. Anne Bhéreur and Julie Joyal, who have long-term COVID.

The show airs at 8 p.m. on ICI Télé.

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