The last Marc Ysaye Classics show

The last Marc Ysaye Classics show

The famous host and founder of Classic 21 has made the decision to leave RTBF after a magnificent career. After 34 years at the helm of Classics, a ton of memories, pride in the work accomplished and recognition of RTBF for its trust, Marc Ysaye announced that the time has come for him to bid farewell to Sunday morning listeners.

It was in 1982 that Marc Ysaye joined RTBF. He hosts various programs and sequences on Radio 21. In 1988, he created the radio rendezvous that has become cult: The classics. The goal: to offer listeners something other than the broadcast of mass on Sunday morning. Many people, young and old, have acquired a rock culture thanks to the warm voice of Marc Ysaye and his knowledge of the careers of rock artists. Became responsible for weekend broadcasts, he energized the morning of Radio 21 until 1999.

In 2001, he became director of Radio 21. During the reform of RTBF radio stations, he created Classic 21, which was born in Mons in 2004. Accustomed to prestigious interviews, he also set up actions such as The Roads of the Blues in the USA, the Beatles Tour in Liverpool and London, or even La Rando Cap 48. In 2019, when he reached retirement age, he left his position as director to devote himself entirely to running the Classics.
Musician, music lover and great narrator, it is with passion and talent that he has accompanied classic rock fans every Sunday for more than 30 years. The RTBF page is coming to an end since after 40 years of career and 34 years of Sunday broadcasting, Marc Ysaye
decided to put an end to his adventure Classic 21. Years from which he will remember a great deal of happiness: “I am extremely grateful to RTBF for having been able to broadcast the Classics and to have been able to develop from there, a full-fledged radio. 40 years is a nice number. I am proud of the work accomplished. My baby (Classic 21) has grown well and is progressing very well: I am delighted”.

Etienne Dombret, current editorial director of Classic 21, salutes the longevity of his career, the strong ties he has forged with listeners and the inspiration he has breathed into a whole generation of animators. It is in this spirit that the Classic 21 team greets the man and prepares the sequel because the radio adventure continues.

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