The library is integrated into the network of the department

The library is integrated into the network of the department

A name plate has just been installed indicating that the library is connected to the network of departmental libraries.

After the opening of the municipal library, a name plate was installed on Saturday including the connection to the network of departmental libraries and media libraries: the aim is to promote access to culture, which is at the center of the concerns of the agglomeration community. Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees. A fundamental vector of information, cultural leisure and knowledge, public reading structures life in the Upper Pyrenees.

Thus, the very young Lamarque-Pontacq library, run by four female volunteers (Lucile, Véronique, Jeannine and Alexandra), was integrated into a network of 65 departments. by discovering new literary and playful spaces. This meeting was held in the presence of Cécile Conan-Lafourcade, manager of the department, members of the municipal council and the four volunteers mentioned above, as well as the manager of the green areas, Mr. Lafforgue, who did not, out of modesty, honor the assembly with a few verses under the lime tree, of which he knows all the Alexandrines, but skilfully enriched the glasses of Jurançon guests with small gustatory violations.

What does it mean to be thrown into a net? As Agnès Brown, a writer who lives in Lamarque, recalled during her speech, the book above all allows one to get out of everyday life, travel and dream when the world is going badly or forgets about its real existence, peace.

Order the book

As part of the library, it is now possible to order a book that will be searched among the department’s libraries and become available. Likewise, works (of all genres) will be replaced regularly, in order to offer a renewed assortment of works offered to readers. All this for free. A book is never innocent, whatever its nature. It is earthly food that must be respected. Reading can lead you to physically travel from the Borromean Islands to the Trans-Siberian, gallop through the mountains of Anatolia, sleep in a cabin in Alaska or a Japanese ryokan, and thousands of things that reading will one day lead you to experience, in real life! Respecting books means opening up to the reality of the world, the one that awaits you.

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