The magic of Youssou Ndour

The magic of Youssou Ndour

The magic of Youssou Ndour

To talk about Youssou Ndour, you would need an encyclopedia. From the shy weakling in his heavy three-piece boubou singing “Papa Samba Dièye” in a then ORTS studio to the dashing sixty-something, the nightingale flew from the Medina of his childhood to sing to the ears of the world. From that time to now, his songs have not aged.

Watching Youssou Ndour’s concert on New Year’s Day, I noticed that his audience was mostly made up of young people. I was especially struck by their knowledge of the repertoire of the king of Mbalax. And the words resonate like a hymn to life, the real one. Youssou Ndour’s songs constantly remind us of who we are and what we owe to ourselves, to our society and to humanity. Popular Wolof philosophy often refers to Kocc Barma but personally, I like to quote Youssou Ndour’s songs for the depth of their meaning, their messages with a high philosophical (Lees waxul), prophetic (Xaalis neexna) and patriotic (Senegal) content. rek).

The African artist of the last century proves to us every day that the quality of studies or the environment of our childhood do not determine who we are. But rather, it is our will and our determination, pegged to our confidence in our abilities, that take us to the top. Youssou Ndour crosses time and imprints its tempo and its rhythm and we are delighted! Its magic still bewitches us when we show our enthusiastic cherubim the dance steps that accompanied a hit from long ago, our hearts filled with longing and gratitude. What did it not warm our hearts, when we were homesick, far away somewhere in the world, thanks to its enveloping flights, its unique timbre, its power to reconnect us to our mother earth!

The cantor of Mbalax serves us songs that we assimilate. They inhabit us, offering us, on a daily basis, “a life in songs”. He regularly surpasses himself and impresses us a little more every day. In music, in business, as well as in humanitarianism. No wonder he was named one of Rolling Stone’s top 200 singers of all time.

Youssou Ndour did not usurp his destiny. He is the embodiment of the hit of the talented rap group from Mbour, Akhlou Brick: “Liggeeyu ndey, ñaanu yaay day def effet. Barke baay, ñaanu sëriñ day def effect. Xar ta?ku tubey, daan sa doole, day def effet” (the blessings of mom, dad and the marabout bring results just like perseverance at work). Better than anyone, Youssou Ndour can serve as an example for us to overcome obstacles and succeed in life hands down. The icon of Senegalese music is the perfect muse for young people in search of inspiration.

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