The Marseillais: An emblematic couple stops the show, “It’s not in our plans”

The Marseillais: An emblematic couple stops the show, “It’s not in our plans”

By Carla Biancarelli

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This Sunday November 6, 2022, this emblematic couple from Marseille made a sad announcement to fans of the W9 reality show.

This is news that may sadden fans of the Marseilles from W9. Since 2012, the show has been a hit on the channel and has seen the birth of a good number of candidates. Paga, Julien Tanti, Manon Marsault, Greg Yega, Kevin Guedj, Carla Moreau… Today, they have become real stars of social networks. Besides, following his breakup with Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedjaka the jaguar in the program, could make a comeback on the show! While some elders might return, others have decided to leave. As a reminder, the Marseillais cross against the Rest of the World vs Les Motivés will return from November 15th. And some bloggers have claimed that Julien Tantiaka the head of the family, aka the king of problems, had to leave the adventure because of an injury. But not that… It would be rumored that the latter was bored in the program.

A star couple of Marseilles makes a sad announcement for fans

But then will Julien Tanti be back next season? Whereas Benjamin Samat and Maddy Burciaga, who welcomed their first childannounced their departure from the show. Followed by another emblematic couple of the program… Less present in recent years, they had not officially indicated their departure from the Marseilles. But this Sunday, November 6, 2022, it’s done… It’s about Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin. If Maylone and Leewane’s dad was already less present, his wife Jessica was THE leading face of W9. But this Sunday, the influencer made a sad secret for her fans, during a question and answer session on Snapchat. “I have a lot of questions” she wrote in response to a user who asked him about his return to the program.

Instagram account of Jessica Thivenin

“Sorry, that’s not in our plans. But we remain active on social networks.she then wrote in the caption of her story. A way of announcing his departure from Marseilles. But then will it be permanent or temporary? The star had already taken a break at the birth of her son Maylone, then her daughter Leewane. But it is very likely that the couple will not return to the show… But we can imagine that the two candidates will make surprise visits to the villa in the coming seasons. Without integrating the adventure. Besides, perhaps the channel could launch a new reality show, with the stars of W9 and their children. A version of the show It’s family, but in the same villa. Especially since Paga and Giuseppa are also preparing to welcome their first child.

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