The men’s thing! Phyllisia’s father fucked!

The men’s thing! Phyllisia’s father fucked!

Tuesday, January 3, 2023 ((–

My ancestors! On January 2, Phyllisia ended up letting go by exploding into a thousand pieces the frustration of a woman trapped in a difficult relationship with a partner who does not treat her fairly.

»Wap betize! “, the video clip of the new song spleen by Phyllisia Ross was indeed released this Monday, January 2 on YouTube.

A kind of threat to players who leave their companion for one-night stands.

You don’t care how you treat me
not like i accept
You play games
now you think
I’m going to start raising

A warned man is worth two, they say!

You are mistaken if you believe that
I will let you control me

With her colorful songs, the 35-year-old young woman, born to a Haitian mother and an American father of Jewish origin, has performed in many countries, not only in the Americas and the Caribbean, but also in Europe and Africa.

► Music credits: Artist: Phyllisia Ross Producer: Mozart Louis @madebymozart Lyrics: Phyllisia Ross, Mozart Louis, Matthew Vorzimer Acoustic Guitar: Electric guitar: Low:… Drums: Sequencing: Piano: Solo / Synth: Mix Engineer: Mastering Engineer: ► Video credits: Video made by: WillDrey – Video production company: Flash One Films @FlashOneFilms Editor 🎞️: AD 🎞️: Chief 🎞️:… CA 🎞️: Typography 🎞️: Video Studio 🏢: Cast Credits 🔻 Ld Act. 1🎭: Ld Act. 2 🎭: Law. 3 🎭: Law. 4 🎭:… Law. 5 🎭: Law. 6 🎭: Law. 7 🎭: Law. 8 🎭: Law. 9 🎭: Dance troupe 💃🏾🕺🏾: Musicians 🎶:, Cover Art Credits 🔻 Photo 📸: Design 🎨: Beauty 🔻 Makeup 💄 Credits: Wardrobe credits 🔻 Custom dress 👗✨ and styled by… ► Copyright: © 2023 Phyllisia Ross Mizik. All rights reserved.

The men’s thing!  Phyllisia’s father fucked!

#mens #Phyllisias #father #fucked

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