“The microphone was still open…”: this hilarious anecdote from Eddy Mitchell on the funeral of Johnny Hallyday

“The microphone was still open…”: this hilarious anecdote from Eddy Mitchell on the funeral of Johnny Hallyday

Guest on the RTL program We redo the TV, broadcast this Saturday, November 5, Eddy Mitchell returned to the incredible blunder of the priest present at the funeral of Johnny Hallyday.

This Saturday, November 5, Eddy Mitchell was the guest of the famous RTL program, called We redo the TV. The opportunity for the 80-year-old singer to talk about his friendship and his nostalgia for Johnny Hallyday. I’m always thinking about him and I’m fine with it because it’s always there with me. I know that, up there, he fucks everyone, so it makes me feel goodhe confided to the microphone of Éric Dussart and Jade. Immersed in his memories, the rocker then shared an incredible story which took place during Taulier’s funeral. “It was the priest who finished the mass. So people were going out and the priest forgot that his microphone was still on. He said, ‘Now he’s going to fuck up heaven'”continued Eddy Mitchell.

Obviously, the scene had caused hilarity in the church. We all turned around, collapsed with laughterrevealed the interpreter of Water-based mint coloreven specifying that some guests congratulated the priest. Because, yes, that’s exactly what Johnny would have liked, as confirmed by his lifelong friend: Yes, piss the world off, he was there for that.” In any case, this sweet memory is likely to remain etched forever in the memory ofEddy Mitchell. And for good reason : it is the only tribute paid to the Taulier in which he participated. The reason ? He was hurt by the legacy controversies that surrounded the rocker’s passing. “The stories of inheritance, I didn’t want to deal with them”he confided, before concluding by saying that he did not “not liked” the statue made in memory of Johnny.

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Eddy Mitchell out of him: the day he slapped Johnny Hallyday

Even if Eddy Mitchell keeps an excellent memory of his friend today, the two acolytes nevertheless gone through difficult ordeals, especially when they meet. A period that the 80-year-old singer had mentioned in the columns of the JDD, the July 31 last. This link goes back to our tender adolescence towards the end of the 1950s, and yet got off to a bad start”he had revealed, before recalling an evening when he thought that the one who was still called Jean-Philippe Smet had tried to steal it : “Invited to a surprise party near the Place de la Trinité, where everyone is asked to bring their records, I take with me some precious 45-rpm carefully sorted […] A few hours later, when I decide to return, I want to recover the famous vinyls. And there, nothing more, No matter how much I look for them everywhere, they remain untraceable.”

Furious, Eddy Mitchell had thought he saw the thief and then had him chased down the building. He then finds Johnny, discs in hand, discussing with the janitor. “He hands me my records, saying, ‘Could you keep them for me? I’ll pick them up tomorrow.’ Immediately, I throw myself on my possessions and strike a slap (richly deserved) to the pilferer”he concluded in the JDD.

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Photo credits: Capture – RTL

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