the mind-blowing anecdote of Chantal Goya when she hosted Johnny Hallyday

the mind-blowing anecdote of Chantal Goya when she hosted Johnny Hallyday

A mind-blowing story! Sunday November 6, 2022, Chantal Goya confided in the microphone of France Bleu. After discussing her link with Martinique, her exile in England or even her first concert in Paris, the singer lifted the veil on her friendship with Johnny Hallyday. “He came to my house because he had an apartment that was under construction and said to me: ‘I don’t really know where to live.’ I said to him: ‘We have a big apartment on rue des Saints-Pères, do you want to live in one of the bedrooms?’“, she recalled, before adding: “He said to me: ‘Ok’ and then he stayed almost six months while Sylvie was in New York. He stayed home long enough, but that was something!“Amused, she said:”He said to me: ‘Can I invite some friends?’ I said, ‘Yes, invite whoever you want.’ And wait, 100 bikers who arrived rue des Saints-Pères. You can imagine the narrowness of the street, and then all that, it vibrated. I thought there was an earthquake. They all arrived home, I was panicked, but anyway, it was nice!

Friday December 10, 2021, in the columns of Closer, she had already mentioned their roommate rue des Saint-Pères, in the 6th arrondissement. “Jean-Jacques had gone to New York to design musicals for Americans. Sylvie was also in the USA, to work. They were doing work in their apartment. Don’t go to (…)


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