The Montreal Book Fair presents its program

The Montreal Book Fair presents its program

although Montreal Book Fair (SLM) takes place from November 23rd to 27th, readers will be able to enjoy his generosity here and there at various locations in and around Montreal, starting on November 11th.

You will also have the opportunity to find the team behind it booksellers they stand aside Bookseller’s housewhich we occupy together withQuebec Booksellers Association. It will be an excellent opportunity to discover our various promotional tools that we create throughout the year, such as magazines, thematic booklets and catalogs. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating profession of booksellers and receive many reading tips, especially thanks to the famous literary recipes provided by the booksellers on site. And don’t miss any important notifications from Prices in bookstores!

About this year’s theme, SLM General Manager Olivier Gougeon expressed himself as follows: “More than an intimate and inner experience, books and reading also represent physical and bodily manifestations. Books inhabit us, stories haunt us. They live in us, in their most diverse forms. Modeled on the theme of the Montreal Book Fair in 2022, which is entitled “Shape yourself”, the role of our three-part event is precisely to give content to books and reading in all their forms, and to multiply meeting points between readers and all artisans of the book world. »

More than 3,000 signatures, by almost 2,000 creators from the 600 or so publishing houses present, will alternate with the audience eager for unforgettable encounters. We will have the opportunity to attend 30 round tables, 4 cabarets and participate in several activities for young people, including ten workshops organized by Communication-Youth. Also not to be missed, for fans of Japanese comics, Mango zoneled by O-Taku.

Apart from the presentation you look like SLM, starting on Friday, November 11, several activities will take place on the periphery of the exhibition. There will be libraries and bookstores, but also several organizations, bars and shops, and even a school. In order to discover the full extent of this literary application in the city, it’s here.

Therefore, the big annual event is this Book Fair in Montreal, which will finally be able to free itself from all health restrictions. We wish you nice meetings and happy literary discoveries!

And come see us at Maison des libraires!

All programming Montreal Book Fair is available here.

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