The most anticipated new Christmas movies before the end of 2022

The most anticipated new Christmas movies before the end of 2022

Granted, Halloween isn’t over yet and there are plenty of horror movies to watch to kick off the fall. But Netflix and other streaming platforms have already moved on to the Christmas season since we already have some info on the ultra silly movies of the season to watch absolutely. This selection is 100% unreleased Christmas films!

Falling for Christmas with Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan miss you terribly? Do not panic, the actress returns for Fall for Christmas which will be available on Netflix this year. It remains to be seen when… In any case, she will not be the only headliner of this feature film since there will also be Overstreet Agreement in the credits. The actor had been unveiled to the general public in the glee seriesrealized by ryan murphywhere he played the role of Sam. In this new film, Lindsay Lohan will play a woman who will lose her memory after a serious skiing accident. We will clearly be served in drama, romance and Christmas magic!

Christmas with you, on Netflix

In christmas with youwhich will be available on November 17, 2022 on the Netflix streaming platform, we follow Angelina, a burnout pop star. She escapes from this life of madness to grant the wish of a young fan. At the same time, she also has a chance to experience true love. Headlining, we will find Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr..

The Christmas Diary, with the This is Us star

If you need your dose of Justin Hartleyeven after the end of the hit series This is Us, know that the actor is not idle. He will be showing at The Christmas Diarywhich will be available on November 24, 2022. In this feature film, the actor plays a successful writer who returns to his hometown at Christmas to settle the estate of his deceased mother. Of course, it will be available on Netflix.

We can’t wait to discover Best. Christmas. Ever.

This Christmas feature film, also expected on Netflix, will feature Heather Graham, Jason Bigg and Norwood Cognac. We will follow two girlfriends from university who will spend Christmas together, with their respective husbands too. Inevitably, we will have to expect a tumultuous friendship story that will regain its strength thanks to the magic of Christmas and these are all the shots we ask for our pajama parties with hot chocolate.

Violent Night, for Stranger Things fans

David Harbour, the interpreter of Hopper, has something else to offer than Stranger Things. The actor will be in the credits of Violent Night and it was he himself who announced it at the beginning of September 2022 on his Instagram account. Directed by Tommy Wirkola, the film will be released in theaters on December 2 in the United States. It remains to be seen when and where this feature film will be released in France.

Spirited, a Christmas musical starring Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of the stars we adore and his likeability is legendary. It is therefore impossible for the actor not to participate in a Christmas film. He will be in Spirited, a musical that will be available on Apple TV. Directed by Sean Anders, also starring Octavia Spencer and Will Ferrell, this is an adaptation of a short story by Charles Dickens. You will have to wait until November 18, 2022 to see it.

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