The new life of “Back That Up To The Beat”, old demo of Madonna unearthed on TikTok

The new life of “Back That Up To The Beat”, old demo of Madonna unearthed on TikTok

Singer Madonna in May 2022. – Al Bello – Getty Images North America – AFP

From an old demo, Hard Candy period, then Rebel Heart, TikTok made a hit. Back That Up To The Beat, a song concocted for Madonna by Pharrell Williams, is released today as a single.

Timeless Madonna. The singer with a more improbable look than ever, still captures the spirit of the times, and skilfully recycles her songs with modern tools. The singer thus released on December 18 on TikTok an extract from a song entitled Back that up to the beat.

Acclaimed by fans, the title arrives on streaming platforms this Friday, December 30. But this “new” single is far from recent.

Featured in album bonuses Mrs X deluxe version, in 2019, this title produced by Pharrell Williams is actually much older, since it dates back to 2008, when hard candy. Considered for the album rebel heart in 2015, before being discarded, the song leaked in 2014.

Reworked by Jeff Bhasker and Mike Deanthe sound is now a hit on TikTok, where it is the subject of a “Back that up challenge”, and a “Back that up to the beat dance”. In “demo version” or in “sped up version”, the accelerated version, so dear to TikTok users.

The tiktokeurs, whose creativity has no limit, even mix this piece with the Wednesday Adams dancefrom the Netflix series.

After 40 years of career, Madonna is now reinventing herself on social networks. Three years later Mrs X and a tour battered by the covid, the singer, who now appears with peroxidized eyebrows and pink hair, is having fun on TikTok. She waters her 3.3 million subscribers with “homemade” videos, revisiting her repertoire or delivering strange choreographies, corny or avant-garde, difficult to decide.

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