The new Stargate series is badly crossed: “The timing could not have been worse”

The new Stargate series is badly crossed: “The timing could not have been worse”

Don’t expect a new Stargate spin-off anytime soon. Brad Wright gave bad news. But, the ex-showrunner remains confident about the franchise’s long-term future.

It’s been a decade since the Stargate franchise came to a screeching halt, leaving Stargate Universe without any real end. Since then, fans have been hoping for a revival of this cult saga – and beware, not a reboot, but a sequel to the three series (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe).

The takeover of MGM, the franchise’s production house, by Amazon had given hope. Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer and screenwriter on the previous series, said to himself ” cautiously optimistic » in May 2021. But, the latest news is not so good.

O'Neill and Teal'c playing golf... in front of the stargate.  // Source: MGM
O’Neill and Teal’c playing golf…in front of the Stargate. // Source: MGM

A new Stargate spin-off? “That would have been fun”

The franchise’s original team has always been actively involved in reactivating the Stargate. Joseph Mallozzi, of course, but also Brad Wright, who was the coshowrunner of Stargate SG1 and the co-creator of Atlantis Stargate. The latter has always said he has ideas for integrating a new team of explorers into the saga, while respecting everything that has been built over more than 10 years.

A few years earlier, MGM even commissioned him to write the script for a pilot episode for a new series. But, it’s been a while since Brad Wright gave any information on this pilot. In a tweet of November 2, in response to a user who revived him, he delivered an answer:

“(…) I can’t give you any news. MGM had hired me to write the pilot for a new series, but that was just before covid. The timing couldn’t have been worse. Everyone in office has changed in the meantime, so it’s probably destined to gather dust. The showrunner’s disappointment is palpable, he ends his statement with: ” It would have been fun, though. »

That doesn’t mean the franchise is dead for good; maybe Amazon, which owns MGM, will decide to do something about it in a few years. But in what form? It must be admitted that the return of Brad Wright was engaging, guaranteeing that it would not be yet another reboot, but rather the perpetuation of a saga.

In any case, Brad Wright remains confident. At the end of October, he affirmed What ” MGM and Amazon will make another Stargate “. It therefore seems certain that one day the saga will return, qualifying: ” It may just take time for them to decide what they want to do. But it’s them who decide, not me. Perhaps that decision will be to ask Brad Wright for a new script; or to appeal to a new creative head. In any case, let’s hope that, if Amazon ever wakes up for the franchise, continuity will be chosen, because a total reboot would be particularly frowned upon.

In any case, Amazon Prime Video seems quite favorable to ambitious science fiction works. The SVOD service had bought the space opera The extentand is currently broadcasting the cyberpunk series The ringroadadapted from the novel by William Gibson.

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