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The number of animals discovered reveals your intelligence IQ

The number of animals discovered reveals your intelligence IQ

The personality tests were designed to allow us to discover our intelligence and certain traits of our characters. It is indeed important to know yourself. It allows you to make the right decisions in life. In addition, knowing its faults and qualities generally guarantees success in our projects. Thanks to this challenge that we are offering you, you will be able to see how smart you are.

The different instructions to correctly solve this personality test

The objective of this personality test is to look at the image below and determine the different animals present in it. The more animals you find, the higher your IQ. However, be aware that sometimes looks can be deceiving.

As there is no time limit, avoid rushing. Concentrate and don’t let distractions get in your way while solving this riddle. You even need to find a quiet and comfortable place to perform this personality test.

Here is the answer to this visual challenge

At first glance, the photo shows five very distinct animals. There are, among others, an elephant, a donkey, a dog, a cat and a mouse. Still, if you found these answers, it’s not the best solution. There are still other animals hidden in the picture. The game designers have inserted 10 more beasts. We find :

  • The dolphin ;
  • Fish ;
  • The turtle ;
  • The otter ;
  • The mosquito ;
  • The crocodile;
  • The hen ;
  • The shrimp ;
  • The snake ;
  • Swordfish.

If you found more than 10 animals

The fact that you have been able to identify more than 10 animals in this image shows that you have excellent intellectual capacity. It also means that you do not allow yourself to be influenced by illusions. You are able to bypass what your brain sees. Indeed, appearance can sometimes be deceiving. Do not hesitate to take on other challenges to explore the limits of your intelligence.

If you couldn’t find more than 5 animals

It happens to fail and be blinded by appearance. Remember that our brain only sees what it wants to see. If you want to go beyond looks, then you have to train your brain. For this, we invite you to carry out other personality tests. You can encourage those around you to solve them to have a good time together.

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