“The only time he spoke to me”: Véronique Sanson evokes Claude François in C à vous (ZAPTV)

“The only time he spoke to me”: Véronique Sanson evokes Claude François in C à vous (ZAPTV)

This Monday, January 16, 2023, Véronique Sanson was invited to the set of It’s up to you. The opportunity for the singer to promote her tour, but also to remember a memory with Claude François, during a single discussion.

It’s an icon. Three Victories of Music, Great Medal of French Song, Knight of the National Order of Merit…The distinctions are not lacking for Véronique Sanson. From the start of her career, she touched the stars. Indeed, in 1971, Michael Berger becomes artistic director at WEA, one of the first record majors. Véronique Sanson will be the first French artist signed under the Elektra label, integrated into WEA.

Quickly, Véronique Sanson entered the hearts of the French. On March 20, 1972, the singer recorded her first album in love, directed by Michel Berger. Success coming, she will provide the first parts of big names in the music industrylike Michel Polnareff, Julien Clerc or Claude Francois. And today ? The singer, who was acclaimed during his time at Star Academyis far from forgotten. Véronique Sanson begins her big tour See you later, across France. Proof of its success, dates have been added.

An energetic artist

This Monday, January 16, 2023, to promote her new tour, Véronique Sanson went to the set of It’s up to you. As soon as the singer arrived, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine quickly showed her passion for the performer my reverence. “I can’t wait to see you on stage”hammered the conductor of the talk show of France 5. The host then highlighted the energy of the singer on stage. “You keep thinking about the guy in the back row”then launches Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Advice given to him by Claude François.

On the set of It’s up to youVéronique Sanson returns to this memory shared with the successful singer. “The only time he spoke to me, during his tour, he said to me ‘you, you are made for the big rooms, so you have to think of the guy in the back row, you have to go get itthen remembers the 73-year-old artist, who married Pierre Palmade. Véronique Sanson then adds that this valuable advice “was the only thing about him that I remembered and never forgot”. “I think about it all the time, hammers Violaine’s sister against Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine. Véronique Sanson is back on stage on March 22, 23 and 24, 2023.

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