The organizer of the rave party in Bulle explains his intentions

The organizer of the rave party in Bulle explains his intentions

Around 700 people took part in an illegal party on New Year’s Eve in a forest in Bulle (FR). This is the fifth rave party organized in the region in a few months. While the situation worries the police, the organizer tells RTS that he is ready to start again.

Several hundred people danced on New Year’s Eve under the fireworks in a clearing belonging to the town of Bulle, in the canton of Fribourg.

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The illegal party was organized by a 29-year-old man from Fribourg: “We went door-to-door a lot, we spoke with peasants, farmers, but they don’t accept, the word rave party is scary. We chose this place because it is far from the houses. We really do not want to disturb, contrary to what many people think”, he declared Monday in the 7:30 p.m.

Fifth Illegal Party

This is the fifth rave party organized in the canton of Friborg in 2022 of which the police are aware, but there have probably been more. If at first these festivals were rather regional, they are becoming more and more extensive.

According to the police, 700 to 800 people, from other cantons and even from neighboring countries, gathered in Bulle. This is why the police, who arrived on the spot on Saturday at 10 p.m., did not intervene immediately.

“A majority of these revelers were in no condition to take the wheel to leave. We preferred to let the party continue by supervising it and the next day we stopped it while ensuring the restoration of the place”, explained Galus Risse, substitute chief of the gendarmerie.

“We don’t leave trash on the ground”

During the intervention, a police officer was slightly injured by revelers. Sunday afternoon, the site was evacuated and cleaned by the organizers who will be denounced to the Public Ministry.

“I would really like people to be able to open their eyes to our movement, to stop thinking that we are savages, that we do anything, no matter how. Nature is important for We don’t leave litter on the ground compared to a lot of events where you find litter for several kilometers around. For me, it’s not a crime, it shouldn’t be amendable to have fun, to party, to organize evenings where we do not ask for money”, explained the organizer again.

The extent of the damage is not yet known. But the Fribourgeois assures that he will still organize such parties.

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