The Pilarski Case: The Animalist Movement highlighted in a book that has just been released

The Pilarski Case: The Animalist Movement highlighted in a book that has just been released

In a book published last Thursday by Editions du Cherche Midi and signed by two journalists, Matthias Tesson and Olivier Darrioumerle, entitled ” Dog. Justice before the unreasonable place of the animal“, the authors return to the Pilarski affair. 3 years ago, Elisa Pilarski, a young pregnant woman, was found horribly mutilated in the woods of Aisne when she went for a walk with her friend’s dog, Curtis, a pit bull that he had trained to bite, which is forbidden in France.

At the time, although everything indicated that the young woman was killed by his animal, trained to fight, the proximity of the hunt that took place on the day of the event in this forest unleashed the fury of animalists and anti-hunts who then accused the hunting dogs of attacking the walker and her dog. Public opinion was pushed to the defense of Curtis the dog, and the hunting team was exposed to public condemnation.

In their book, two journalists report on this phenomenon and point the finger at this animal rage that did everything to try to get justice to free the pit bull and suspect the hunting dogs. Today, although the case has not yet been decided, it seems that the legal truth is coming out and she holds Curtis solely responsible for her lover’s fatal injuries, as proven by all the scientific analysis, especially DNA, that was done during the training.

We therefore advise you to read this book which clearly exposes the attempt to manipulate the animal movement to blame this disgusting news on hunting, an activity hated by these extremists who have used the horror of the situation to once again denigrate this hunting practice with the unacknowledged aim of degrading its image in the public eye. opinion in order to ban it in the long run.

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