The Prix des libraires du Québec sets its preliminary list

The Prix des libraires du Québec sets its preliminary list

That’s it, it’s time to present the preliminary shortlist for the Booksellers Awards for the categories of comics, essays, poetry and novels, news and stories.

Under coverQuebec Booksellers Association, more than thirty bookstores review works published throughout the year to determine the best in their respective categories. After passionate discussions, exchanges and lively debates these booksellers reveal to you the preliminary list. We can’t encourage you enough to draw inspiration from this list for holiday shopping, whether for your loved ones or for yourself!

Novel, short story, story – Quebec

A girl with a braidFrançoise de Luca (leaf seller)
Bird gameSylvie Drapeau (Plemeac)
White shadowsDominique Fortier (Viola)
We all fellJuliana Léveillé-Trudel (People)
Inner motherSophie Marcotte (House on Fire)
The banality of the shotLittle Navia (Leméac)
Awakening in Kitchike: The Bleeding of PossibilitiesLouis-Karl Picard-Sioui (Hannenorak)
MorelMaxime Raymond Bock (The August Horse)
Sailors can’t swimDominique Scali (People)
PenanceAlex Viens (The August Horse)
At homeMyriam Vincent (Bush Poets)
InsanityHeather O’Neill (alto)

Novel, short stories, narrative – outside of Quebec

Kremlin magGiuliano Da Empoli (Gallimard)
Dear assholeVirginie Despentes (Grasset)
City of clouds and birdsAnthony Doerr (Albin Michel)
S’adapterClara Dupont-Monod (Stock)
He who watches at nightLouise Erdrich (Albin Michel)
Mr. LovermanBernardine Evaristo (Globus)
Gray beesAndrei Kourkov (Liana Lévi)
star dustLeonora Miano (Grasset)
The child who wanted to disappearJason Mott (Otherwise)
Your absence is only darknessJon Kalman Stefansson (Grasset)
Memorial rideNatacha Trethewey (Olivier)
decisionKarine Tuil (Gallimard)

Comics – Quebec

Sometimes lakes burnGeneviève Bigué (Cold Front)
goodbye sad loveMirion Malle (Pow Pow)
Confessions of a normal womanEloise Marseille (Pow Pow)
René Lévesque: Something like a great mancollective (Moëlle Graphik)
Paris for DallaireMarc Tessier and Siris (The Watermelon)
The end of the beginningFadi Malek and Anne Villeneuve (New address)

Comics – Outside of Quebec

SousbrouillardAnne-Caroline Pandolfo and Terkel Risbjerg (Dargaud)
Endless worldJean-Marc Jancovici, Christophe Blain and Clémence Sapin (Dargaud)
Dry cleaningJoris Mertens (Rue de Sevres)
CosmosPat Perna and Fabien Bedouel (Delcourt)
loose leavesAlexandre Clerisse (Dargaud)
Leviathan (pt. 1)Shiro Kuroi (Ki-oon)


Walk in a low voiceNelly Desmarais (Le Quartanier)
Raising his handsAlycia Dufour (Bush Poets)
exercises of joyLouise Dupré (Le Noroît)
a haven for darknessStéphane Jean (Red Herb)
Above all, don’t make a listLucile de Peslouan (Rodrigol)
resting domainEmmanuelle Riendeau (Le Noroît)
Holy Chloe loveChloé Savoie-Bernard (L’Hexagone)
Mouse womanMarie-Hélène Voyer (People)


Dreams of an epicEtienne Beaulieu (Varia)
Scars: Diary of a ConversionSara Danièle Belanger Michaud (Nota Bene)
More: From cannibals on the left to vandals on the rightAlain Deneault (Lux)
College Panic: Political Correctness, Awakenings, and Other Imaginary ThreatsFrancis Dupuis-Déri (Lux)
You will choose the mountainsAndréanne Frénette-Vallières (Le Noroît)
Arming Rage: For a Combat LiteratureMarie-Pier Lafontaine (Héliotrope)
Geographies of a Neighboring Country: Poet and Citizen in the Plural of QuebecPierre Nepveu (Boreal)
The Habit of Ruins: The Sanctity of Oblivion and Ugliness in QuebecMarie-Hélène Voyer, (Lux)

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