the series with Tomer Sisley accused of being plagiarism, France 2 responds

the series with Tomer Sisley accused of being plagiarism, France 2 responds

Wednesday, January 4, two days after the successful launch of VortexFrance 2 mini-series with a Tomer Sisley physically transformeddirector Tony Chaslas said on Twitter that he had been plagiarized: “I have just discovered the France Télé series entitled Vortex produced by Quad Drama with Tomer Sisley which seems to have been strongly inspired by our Gods Game / Rêve et Réalité project. “. Before adding: “By chance, I submitted my series twice to the French production Quad Drama. In 2019 and then in 2020. The first time, they wanted more details. The second time, I had a confirmation of receipt and no more news. Vortex was filmed in 2021.“To support his accusation, he draws up a list of resemblances noted between his film and the fiction of France 2.

All of this put together is a lot!

Among other things…:Among all the similarities, (with modifications so that it doesn’t copy/paste too much), there is the use of a magic/tech tool linked to the symbolism of the eye, to go back in time. In #GodsGameit is the eye of Horus. In #Vortexthese are VR glasses.” Or : “In Gods Game, the hero investigates with his policeman brother to prevent the death of a person in the past / In Vortex, the hero is a policeman and investigates to prevent the death of a person in the past.” Before concluding : “I didn’t invent back in time, magic, rescuing a dead person in the past, police investigations, using an artifact to go back in time, the year 98 and victory from France in the World Cup…, to look like a madman in the present, the use of the glitch for the poster, but all that put to the end… that’s a lot. Obviously, the story of #GodsGame pleased them. So why didn’t you contact me instead of modifying it? “

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Vortex accused of plagiarism: France 2’s response

Contacted by us, France 2 replied: “Vortex’s design and development dates are earlier.” Well before the controversy, on November 30, 2022, during the presentation of this new anticipation format to the press, the president of Quad Drama (to whom we also owe, among other things, The Fighters), Iris Bucher, had indeed specified that the idea had been brought to her in 2015 by Franck Thilliez, champion in all categories of the thriller, in particular with E-syndrome, series broadcast in September 2022 on TF1 with Vincent Elbaz : “The story took place in 2015, in a police station, with a cop who realized that his old computer allowed him to communicate with a colleague who was in the same place as him in 1995. Franck’s idea was great, had affirmed the producer in front of the journalistss, but it needed to be modernized. It lacked a dimension that I personally adore and which is an extraordinary field of possibilities in fiction: that of impossible love, then imagined by Camille (Couasse, editor’s note) and Sarah (Farkas, editor’s note)”. Indeed, the writer, star of the thriller, being no longer available while the discussions with France 2 end, it is to this duo of screenwriters that she has entrusted the writing of the series which has passed then for several years. As the saying goes : “the jury will appreciate“!

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