“The shows weren’t as smooth”: Jacky from Club Dorothée is “melancholy” from the TV before (ZAPTV)

“The shows weren’t as smooth”: Jacky from Club Dorothée is “melancholy” from the TV before (ZAPTV)

This Sunday, December 25, 2022, Christmas Day, Jacques Jakubowicz, alias Jacky, the faithful companion of host Dorothée in Recreate A2 then Club Dorothéewas invited on the set of Telematin. The opportunity for the former presenter to evoke his nostalgia for old broadcasts.

A landmark of television. The beautiful story of friendship between Jacques Jakubowicz, alias Jacky, and Dorothée was born on television… 35 years ago. On January 22, 2022, TF1 prepared a nice surprise for Jacky by having him find his friend Dorothée, on the set of The Secret Song. “We never left each other! I saw her for twenty years, every day, in Récré A2 then Club Dorothée, until 1997. Since then we have always seen each other regularly”he testified in the columns of the Parisianon Sunday, February 6, 2022.

The show The Secret Song is always synonymous with emotion on set. Faced with Dorothée, Jacky could not hide the joy of seeing her friend again. “I could see in her eyes how moved she was, but she is very modest. In life, she is like on TV, smiling, pleasant, with a lot of humor and self-mockery”explained in The Parisian the one who was the press officer of Serge Gainsbourg.

A complete media journey

This Sunday, December 25, 2022, the day after Christmas Eve, Jacky was invited to the set of Telematin. On this holiday Jean-Baptiste Hammer and Maud Descamps were in charge of the public service information meeting. The opportunity for former presenter Dorothee Club to talk about his debut on television, notably on the show Platinum 45, a musical program broadcast on Antenna 2from 1982 to 1986. “Was it a golden age of TV?”Jean-Baptiste Marteau then asks. “Yes the emissions were not as smooth as today”, confides Jacques Jakubowicz, on the set of Telematin.

From the top of his 74 years, the former face of‘Antenna 2 recognize don’t be nostalgic for TV beforebut rather “melancholy”. “It was different”he confesses. In the 1980s and 1990s, he was one of the stars of shows related to the Dorothee Club. Known for her exuberance, Maud Descamps then highlights Jacky’s shyness at the start of her career. “Do you have proof of that?”then seems to doubt Dorothy’s accomplice. It is very bad to know the production of Télématin which, immediately, shares an archive of the presenter at the very beginning of his career on television. The latter is indeed calm and shynotably alongside Serge Gainsbourg or even Thierry Lhermitte and Johnny Hallyday. Another era.

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