The smile of death that kills is scary, really scary

The smile of death that kills is scary, really scary

Smile, you’re going to kill yourself! The heroine of Smile by Parker Finn follows a psychiatrist who descends into madness after seeing a patient kill herself before her eyes. A death that haunts her all the more because, before cutting her throat, the young woman smiled with all her teeth. Loosely adapted from the short film Laura has not slept, this clever horror film confronts the heroine with horrifying visions to the point of driving her mad.

“Do you see the fear you feel waking up from a nightmare? This feeling of panic that persists, even if you are aware that it was not real, explains the director in the press kit. I wanted that Smile capture this discomfort on the screen. » And it is successful! Is the heroine mad or the victim of a curse? The increasingly heavy atmosphere that surrounds him makes him take his side. This devilishly effective horror thriller owes a lot to the acting of Sosie Bacon (daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick seen in the series 13 reasons whyy) that her gentleness and then her determination make her very endearing.

A feeling of unease

Smile reminds a lot of It follows (2015) David Robert Mitchell et al witness of evil (1998) by Grégory Hoblit who clearly marked the director. For his first feature film, Parker Finn manages to find an atmosphere of his own. Perhaps because the smile, a warm symbol, here becomes synonymous with violent death. This inversion of values, which is particularly disturbing, accentuates the malaise that spreads throughout this clever film.

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