The Super Mario movie criticized by fans because of the character’s too small buttocks

The Super Mario movie criticized by fans because of the character’s too small buttocks

Franchise specialists are calling for changes in the design of Mario, whose adventures are adapted into a film.

But where did the buttocks of the most famous plumber in the world go? On social media, fans of the Mario franchise, popularized by Nintendo for 40 years, greeted the movie poster with some frustration Super Mariowhich is scheduled for release in the spring of 2023.

In the image, we find Mario, from behind, surrounded by characters and emblematic accessories from the series of video games. Problem: her buttocks, to say the least rounded according to previous 3D models, turn out to be very ungenerous this time. “Remember what they took from us” lamented a surfer, comparing the two versions of Mario, whose message has been “liked” more than 250,000 times.

With the means at hand, other fans of the franchise have tried to remedy the situation, to put online a visual corresponding – in their eyes – more to the character. “I really care about anatomical realism. This Mario could not even jump a meter high” regrets a user.

This controversy is reminiscent of the violent criticism that had affected the film Sonic. During the broadcast of the trailer, Internet users were moved by a representation that was far too close to a human in their eyes. Faced with the situation, the film team had decided to get back to work to modify the famous hedgehog, postponing the release by three months.

For the time being, the teams from Nintendo and the Illumination studio (at the origin of the saga Me, ugly and mean) have not yet communicated on the subject. The first trailer for Super Mariobroadcast this October 6, could be crucial to fuel or calm the distrust around the very scrutinized posterior of Mario. And maybe make the plumber smile again?

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