The table is set: the winners of the Tastes of Canada awards

The table is set: the winners of the Tastes of Canada awards

Among all literary publications, recipe books are certainly popular. In bookstores, the section on cooking is one of the most visited, and the books found there are the most sought after. Naturally, they are very tempting!

We probably crack our stomachs the most, right? Who can boast of having resisted a delicious dish? And that’s why recipe books are getting more beautiful, colorful and attractive. Despite the fact that there are tons of free recipes on the Internet, we have to admit that the cookbook still has its followers. What are your favorites? We can already look at the winners Tastes of Canada Award get inspired!

Since 1998, the Saveurs du Canada Awards have supported and honored the authors of the best cookbooks in Canada, in English and French, from a perspective of openness and originality. The winners are divided into five categories. Here are the winning titles in French:

Culinary story
The award is given to the best food book written in narrative form. Recipes are not rated here. Rather, it is an homage to a reference work.

Gold goes to The Maple and the Partridge: A Culinary History of Quebec Through Its Foodby Elisabeth Cardin and Michel Lambert (Cardinal).

The money goes to All about Quebec ginsby Patrice Plante (published by La Presse).

General cookbooks
The award is given to the best cookbook that offers recipes of all kinds, in general, without aiming for a specific vision.

Gold is awarded K for Katrinaby Katrine Paradis and Margaux Verdier (KO editions).

Regional and cultural cookbooks
The award is given to the best female chef who best represents the cuisine of a country, region or culture, in Canada or elsewhere.

Gold is given fat girlsby Adelle Tarzibachi (KO Publishing).

Single subject cookbooks
The award is given to the best cook who covers one topic, be it food or cooking technique.

Gold is awarded In flames!Manon Lapierre (Cardinal).

Money is allocated Drink QuebecRose Simard (KO editions).

Healthy recipes or special diets
The award is given to the best book that deals with general or specific healthy eating, or eating as a lifestyle.

Gold is given Vegan recipes for active peopleXavier Desharnais and Nicolas Leduc-Savard (KO Éditions).

Money is allocated Eating well is easy!Marie-Ève ​​​​​​Caplette (Saint-Jean).

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