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The traitor of the Circle in danger… The summary in advance of January 19 (SPOILERS)

The traitor of the Circle in danger… The summary in advance of January 19 (SPOILERS)

Teyssier recognizes in front of Charlène that Ferigno’s dish was not that bad but that it especially shone thanks to its clerks. She offers to trap one of Ferigno’s dishes in the next stage so that her father has an advantage. He refuses because he wants to beat his rival fairly.

Salomé confesses to Livio that she hasn’t heard from Thomas since the day before. He does not reply to his messages even if he reads them. She wonders if he’s not upset that she refused his offer to live together and if he didn’t react like a kid. Gaëtan overhears part of their conversation.

Enzo made an appointment with Teyssier in the commissary. He tells her that Ferigno has asked Mehdi to swap his pills for placebos. He assures that the young man had no choice because he was threatened. He wonders if he will make it through the ordeal. Teyssier says yes, that he will just take a double dose.

Samia interrupts Ethan and Axel in the locker room. She asks her former accomplice a few questions but he quickly flees. Axel reassures her that he will end up relaxing and she asks him for advice so that he forgives her. She asks if Ethan talks about her, Axel admits no.

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Gaëtan explains to Salomé that he overheard her conversation with Livio. He gives her a list of everything that can be embarrassing when living with someone and he tells her about his own experience. He therefore advises her to take her time and not let Thomas force her to take the plunge.

Kelly confides to Vic that she did not appreciate the way Theo reframed her the day before. But the young woman recognizes that he was right. Kelly adds that working with an ex must be difficult. Vic confesses that she can’t take it anymore and that she can’t wait for the championship to end.

Vic asks Mehdi if he followed Ferigno’s instructions and if no one saw him. He confirms half-words but seems really bad. She promises him that Ferigno won’t get away with it.

At Double A, Axel advises Ethan to talk to Samia because she cares about him. Ethan says no and explains that he doesn’t want to hold on to anything that won’t work.

Clotilde kicks off the new round of the competition. Chefs must offer a variation of turkey with chestnuts and mushrooms in a gourmet version. But this time, the poultry should not be in the center of the plate. Mehdi tries to give his ideas to Teyssier, but he rejects them and explains to him that he is now only a simple clerk. He only wants to work with Hortense.

At Double A, Jude asks Jasmine to take care of the Valentine’s Day menu ordered by Theo. He lets her choose her brigade and warns her that he will be there as reinforcements. She announces the good news to Axel and offers him to join her brigade. He asks to also include Ethan and Samia to play the Cupids and reconcile them.

Change of direction

Salomé explains to Thomas about her silence. He explains that he wanted to give her space and respect her rhythm. She admits to him that she finally agrees to live with him because she wants to see him every morning.

Ferigno is tense and treats his clerks badly. He puts Enzo’s work in the trash and accuses Charlene of being a brainless blonde. Theo ends up intervening to calm him down. The leader ends up apologizing for having lost his temper.

Teyssier gets angry with Hortense who can’t find good ideas to balance the dish. Mehdi wants to help but his mentor rejects him. The chef sends Hortense to the commissary and admits to Mehdi that he knows about her treatment. He calls him ungrateful. Mehdi is destabilized but assures him that he gave up at the last moment. He swears to her that he wants to do everything to beat Ferigno.

After the tasting, Emmanuel Teyssier won the race followed by his son and then by Ferigno. The latter remains in the lead of the competition but is only one point ahead of the Teyssier chefs. Emmanuel taunts him by saying that he feels in great shape.

Salomé explains to Gaëtan that their morning discussion opened her eyes to her future with Thomas. She decided to live with him.

Ferigno goes after Vic after Teyssier’s victory. He accuses Mehdi of not having respected his commitment. The latter arrives and admits that he could not betray his mentor. As Ferigno insults him, he defends himself by pointing out that the leader knew about this plan. Ferigno understands that there is a traitor in the Circle. He wants to find it and destroy it.

This episode of‘Here everything begins can be seen Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1

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