“The TV, which was the central element of the living room for years, is disappearing”

“The TV, which was the central element of the living room for years, is disappearing”

How do you recognize an apartment or a house from its time? Nothing could be simpler: the fact that TV is absent subscribers. It is indeed a fashion which extends year after year in the cottages of our country. With scented candles and JBL speakers, the disappearance of the TV is becoming the norm for modern people’s homes. Considered as has beentaking up space unnecessarily and sorely lacking in aesthetics, television is increasingly left in the boxes when moving, as if to show that you can now do without it in your new home. Consequently, sales are not good, and there is no indication that this will improve in the future. Thus, over the first six months of the year, French sales of television sets fell 15% in volumefollowing an already disappointing 2021.

It’s hard for the TV, it which was nevertheless the central element of the living room for years, a member of the family in its own right whose remote control we stroked the front door barely crossed as we caress our cats and our dogs, automatically. First thing we lit when we got home, it was around the TV that everything was composed: the sofa, the armchair, the coffee table. It was also around TV that everything was decided: a resignation, a trip, a baby, holidays, even this couscoussier bought thanks to teleshopping that we followed diligently.

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The TV was the privileged witness of long discussions and long naps at any time of the day. Always on at 3 a.m. when we decided to go to bed after a prolonged and uncontrolled drowsiness, it never abandoned us, always watched over us and our family when our eyes were closed. How would we have managed without her to watch until late during the great moments of anguish like September 11, 2001 or the evenings of the attacks in France? How could we have attended with gravity to the statements of the president during the health crisis?

The influence of the World Cup

So sure, the TV and its cabinet full of outdated DVDs are cumbersome. It is sure that its background noise sometimes gives the feeling of adding cries to those of your children. But was that a reason to banish her so quickly from our lives? I do not know. What is certain is that it was our gathering place, a sort of family totem around which everyone could sit. Of course, it’s not as noble as a meeting over a board game. But still. It made it possible to spend a few evenings together, the fireplace not far away. Now everyone is in their room watching their own stuff. No more common programs and shared mockery in front of this variety show. We don’t even share the same screen anymore.

“It’s around the TV that we lived our great moments of communion. »

Well, fortunately, the World Cup has been there. After an excellent Black Friday (we were promised a reinvention of “responsible” consumption, the figures for 2022 are better than 2021, with a 6% increase in online sales, end of debate), the World Cup that everyone everyone had to boycott allows TV to take one last lap. Thus, alongside beer taps and microwaves, which are doing very well at the moment, television sales are up 11% in value in November compared to 2021.

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Moreover, thanks to the World Cup, television owners can once again see their telephones vibrate so that the generation without television comes to squat on the sofa on Sundays at 4 p.m. Every three days, it’s the same story: people without fixed TV come to beg for their little moment posed in front of the old symbol of the consumer society. These televised football moments remind us that it is around television that we have often gathered in recent years. It was around television that we experienced our great moments of communion and our great moments of joy. That we sang “NANANANA NANANA NANANA” from Gala. At the time of her announced death, it would be good to thank her for all that she has done for the cohesion of families and society.

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